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  1. What came before CFS2, a total conversion for CFS1 when Just Flight were still known as the Interactive Associates!
  2. Continuing down the rabbit hole of nostalgia with Fs98! The good ol' days when you got so many aircraft in one add-on. Enjoy!
  3. I'm still feeling frustrated with numerous CTDs after SU5 for Fs2020 - so went back to my most stable platform! Here's a brief video about Luftwaffe collection for Fs98, Fs2000 and CFS1!
  4. Despite the excitement around Fs2020, I can't help being drawn back to the good ol' days of Fs2000. I never managed to get a copy of the original RAF2000 at the time, so here is a review for a boxed copy I found on Amazon (okay, so it's 21 years too late - but still fun in a retro style!).
  5. Hi Ray, Thanks for replying so quickly! I was hoping that the original RC might be available for FS2000. While I do use P3D, I also like to use some of my older flight sims from time to time for nostalgia. In addition to 64-bit simulators, I like to run FS98 and FS2000 - call me old fashioned! Anyway, thanks for your help.
  6. Hi all, This might be a blast from the past! Does anyone know of a way to get a version of Radar Contact that works with FS2000? There's nothing obvious in the Avsim library. Presumably that's because it was originally payware? While RC4.3 has been made freeware, does anyone know about the status of previous versions? Thanks in advance.
  7. When I was experimenting with TrafficX, I changed the .bgl file multiple times and it seemed to make a difference to the AI that was showing up. After importing the .bgl(s), FSW compiled scenery files and it did that for every new .bgl file that I put in. I have multiple AI aircraft flying that shouldn't be there unless FSW recognises the .bgl whenever I install another aircraft. Also, the DC-3 showed up as AI in my simulator. Did you modify the aircraft.cfg?
  8. I've just tried compiling traffic again and it generated an 82MB file. I placed this in the scenery/World/scenery folder and it produced airline traffic. If FSW is reading the .bgl it should show the 'Building New Scenery' progress bar during start-up. Provided the aircraft model files are in SimObjects and FSW.cfg is pointed towards them, then it should work.
  9. The 200MBTrafficX.bgl was generated using the 'Compile TrafficX Flight Plans' in the Traffic Control Centre. The original TrafficX.bgl installed by the program was 20MB.
  10. I disabled both traffic_aircraft.bgl and TrafficX.bgl but still see default GA aircraft as AI traffic. Airliners were gone but this didn't completely disable AI traffic. Any Ideas?
  11. There is a significant reduction in framerates in complex airports depending on traffic density. Examples of fps at the requested default airports are given below. This was using the default Cherokee 180 with Fair weather at midday. Stuttering was only really noticeable at JFK with full traffic. YMMV KLAX: Minimum Traffic: 50fps Medium Traffic: 37fps Highest Traffic: 35fps KFSO: Minimum Traffic: 55fps Medium Traffic: 43fps Highest Traffic: 30fps KJFK: Minimum Traffic: 40fps Medium Traffic: 24fps Highest Traffic: 17fps. Hope this helps!
  12. The skies in FSW have been missing airliner traffic. So, until there is a compatible add-on, I've been trying to get some AI add-ons to function. Just Flight's TrafficX works with some simple modifications. The models are FSX compatible so they work in FSW, however the schedules are not realistic - but at least the skies are alive! If you're interested in the method, I've made a short YouTube tutorial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_HjL_8iPbs&t=2s Hope someone finds this useful, it makes my flying more enjoyable!
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