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  1. Bertels Michiel

    P3D stuck

    Hey, Thanks for the reply! I just removed the ORBX folder and at launch it asked me to unload the areas and clicked yes and it worked again, but when I instal it back do I need to do something special?
  2. Bertels Michiel

    P3D stuck

    Scenery only enough?
  3. Bertels Michiel

    P3D stuck

    Hello, Today I bought p3D. I started it and all works fine. After that I decided to install my orbx global, started the game again and orbx was not loaded. Than I saw that I forgot to download the lib. I downloaded and I think orbx is now in my game BUT I can’t get further than 6% loading. I waited an hour or so and nothing changed, task manager showed that prepar is using 0 cpu and 0 disc. It’s not doing anything! Than I clicked uninstall for orbx global, and still the same problem, what can I do to fix it ... really frustrating !! Thanks a lot
  4. Bertels Michiel

    Can't click anything during flight

    Okay, I am flying 737NGX
  5. Hello, This happend to me a serveral times that I have been flying on vatsim and out of nothing i can't press anything button which makes me END the flight which is super anoying. I have been reading this is due chaseplane from losing clickspots?? Thanks