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  1. Does MCE work together with PF3? If so I will buy both after a trial. BTW: I have tried ATC2Pilot and I don't like it ... It's behaving strange at some point, spamming callouts... Thanks,
  2. Is not supported for the latest version of Windows 10.
  3. Hey Simmers, I am looking for an atc addon that uses speech recognition. Does anybody know an addon for my needs? Thanks,
  4. Hello, I have RealTraffic and PSX, I am using IVAO MTL pack and updated it but it doesn't create any traffic with this error. I have read the manual but I am not sure if they are activated into my sim how can I do that? http://prntscr.com/kad5zr Thanks,
  5. Hello, I would like to buy RealTraffic but it asks me for a credit card which I don't have. Could you accept a normal payment instead of automated subscription? Thanks
  6. Hello, I would like to have RealTraffic into my P3d V4. I have seent the plugin that I need to buy a subscription for the RealTraffic. When I buy and install both addons do I need anything more? Like the RealLife liveries or how are they loaded? Thanks,
  7. Hey, Thanks for the reply! I just removed the ORBX folder and at launch it asked me to unload the areas and clicked yes and it worked again, but when I instal it back do I need to do something special?
  8. Hello, Today I bought p3D. I started it and all works fine. After that I decided to install my orbx global, started the game again and orbx was not loaded. Than I saw that I forgot to download the lib. I downloaded and I think orbx is now in my game BUT I can’t get further than 6% loading. I waited an hour or so and nothing changed, task manager showed that prepar is using 0 cpu and 0 disc. It’s not doing anything! Than I clicked uninstall for orbx global, and still the same problem, what can I do to fix it ... really frustrating !! Thanks a lot
  9. Hello, This happend to me a serveral times that I have been flying on vatsim and out of nothing i can't press anything button which makes me END the flight which is super anoying. I have been reading this is due chaseplane from losing clickspots?? Thanks
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