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  1. harrison


    Thanks for the reply I just hope p3d v5 is better with autogen.
  2. harrison


    I currently have my sim on a SSD and my orbx on a normal hard drive. But my autogen is really slow at loading in. Do you think if I buy a new ssd to fit both my sim and scenery on it my autogen will load in faster? Thanks
  3. I have sent a request to reactivate my account but it says 24/48 hours to do so is there anyway of doing it faster? thanks
  4. I have a error When I am not moving the camera around the cockpit i get a solid 40 fps and as so as i start moving around the cockpit it lags and the frames drop to about 10 fps. Could this be chaseplane? and one thing i noticed it is worse at dawn and dusk. specs GTX 1060 6gb I5 6600k @4.5 GHZ
  5. I have not updated my p3d to v4.2 because i always get lag spikes. On p3d v4.1 i get a solid 50 frames without any lag but on p3d v4.2 it stops and starts when i move. my graphics card is a GTX 1060 6GB
  6. when i am in cruise it is so hazy. i can only see about 20 nm in front of me.
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