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  1. Same here, Bob, I just pulled my FSX Gold box and both product keys are on one card, one on top of the other! Should have said one above the other, but two distinct product keys! Rick
  2. New article 4 hours ago http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/fbi’s-urgent-request-reboot-your-router-to-stop-russia-linked-malware/ar-AAxSoF4?li=BBnbcA1
  3. here's a link with FBI and DHS sources https://www.cnet.com/news/us-uk-warn-of-russian-hackers-targeting-millions-of-routers/
  4. Try a Google search "Routers and Russian Hackers" Many articles there.
  5. No Dave, didn't forget the link, I'm bad, sorry~! There just wasn't much more than what I said on the post I submitted. Your article is quite complete. The article I had, only listed 3 mfg's, Netgear, Belkin and another which I can't remember, but no models were even mentioned! Thanks for completing the information! I hope many see it, just to be on the safe side! Rick
  6. Saw this on the internet a moment ago, urging all to power off your router for a few minutes, power back up and then go into the manufacturer's website to see if a security update has been issued for your router. My router is a Netgear and sure even there was a new security update, took about 3-4 minutes to download. Better safe, than sorry! Article says 100's of thousands of routers worldwide! Moderators, if there is a better place to post this, please move it! Thanks - Rick
  7. RGus

    What happened to my FSX sound?

    I guess I should not have loosely used the word moderators. I was referring to the people like CharlieAron, who I just looked is a moderator, and helps many of us along the way! None of us are really obligated, but we do help others when we can!
  8. Frits - That is really looking nice! I love the red against that clean looking white! I never could understand how some developer will put out an aircraft that's supposed to have a white finish and it already looks dirty and needing a wash! Your white is so nice looking! Please keep us posted when you unveil the final product. I am a Airbus and Boeing fan, so I will be waiting! Rick
  9. RGus

    What happened to my FSX sound?

    I hear that about "if it's not one thing, it's another................." I surely hope one of these moderators comes along and gives you a hand! I noticed Jim Young seemed to be addressing newer posts, and yours didn't look like it was going to be answered. I replied with just a simple comment, knowing it would move your thread up with the newer posts! Oh well, maybe tomorrow? Have a nice evening! - Rick
  10. RGus

    What happened to my FSX sound?

    Tommy - I keep watching your post hoping one of the moderators would come along and help you with your problem. I see Jim Young is on, and helping others, let's hope he includes you this morning! Rick
  11. RGus

    What happened to my FSX sound?

    Tom - The reason I asked the questions that I did, here awhile back, some of my default aircraft and some add-on aircraft that had sound being alias'd to another aircraft, sound volume and clarity began falling off, and I too wondered if I was going to be having problems with my sound card(I believe mine sound is integrated) I reached out to the flight simming community and one of the seasoned veterans suggested, to try to take the original sound folder which had the alias'd file, and rather than link the alias sound to another aircraft, move the original sound folder to a temp folder (for use later if the new attempt fails) and copy a 1) Sound folder and a 2) Soundai folder from another aircraft and directly paste these two folders to the aircraft that was giving you problems. It cleared my issues up "big time!" Now, I can't say this will clear up the music at the startup screen, as I had de-activated mine a long time ago (got tired of listening to the same 'ole, same 'ole!! Downside of this move, the 2 folders alone will download 21mb to each aircraft. Worked for my problem aircraft! I now have the volume and the clarity it used to have. If you want to "ride out the storm" a while longer until one of the seasoned veterans on here can sort it out for you, that's fine! When I read your post, I thought it sounded a lot like my issues that I was having, but then again, maybe not and you just spent a lot more time "chasing an unknown!" If Charlie Aron comes along, he has been doing this a long time and he can get quite creative in his fixes if he has the information available from the OP! Good luck, one way or the other you will find the fix, I am sure! - Rick
  12. RGus

    What happened to my FSX sound?

    Tommy - Does this happen with all aircraft, or just a few select aircraft? And, is this limited to the aircraft that have sound alias'd to other aircraft? Rick
  13. Sorry Frits - I wanted to reply with my comment along with a pic of an A350-1000 XWB that I downloaded several months ago. This site makes downloading pics a major task, and I could not pull it off, so all I can do at this point is wish you well and I truly look forward to your completing your project! Looks like it is flying, now for some cosmetic touches and you should be good to go! Regards - Rick
  14. Jaime - I appreciate easier, but this is obviously an older post. Imgur, registering was impossible, until I finally signed on with my Google account. Said my selected name/email address or password is incorrect, I tried to reset the password, but if the email address is wrong how are they going to send me instructions to reset my password. It's been over 45 minutes now, no email! Your instructions state; Hit blue button, no blue button, but I did find a browse function and it found my pic and uploaded it. Now, you state, right click on the picture and select "copy link address" which that selection is non-existent!! Then, back to the forum, you state on the top of the answer box, what is an answer box? I went to the posting, no answer box, and no little icon of a postcard either, so I could not complete the process! Why is this process so difficult? I just donated $20 towards the server fund, and now I wish my money could go somewhere else, like funding an easier process to post pictures! Thanks Jaime! I have given up!
  15. RGus

    AVSIM Server Funraising Drive

    Why does the donation site give you two options? it lists - 1) Avsim's 2018 Fundraising Goal 2) New Server I did donate $20 to the New Server!