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  1. At first a was very happy about this news about connecting P2A with MSFS 2020. But same for me regarding lagging. Before start of FSUIPC it's around 30 fps and after start ~15 fps without connection to P2A. Is there any solution for it? Best regards Peter
  2. Hi Quas, In generally you are requested by active controller to contact next controller. If so you switch to the given frequency and check in to the next controller. Sometimes I also have the feeling that the transfer from center to approach is late or completely missing. So I switch Frequency manually too and check in to him. Hopefully this is helpful. Best regards Peter
  3. Hi, If there is a trigger point close to runway you are transfered to tower and can request take off. Sometimes the trigger points (hold short) are not defined for 100 percent at the correct position within scenery . If so I switch to tower on my own and request for take off. After that I will normally transfered to departure, center and so on... Kind regards Peter
  4. Hi, for JarDesign A330 I've also set the option "Reverse Com Channels". Now the Copilot Option "Changes frequencies" is working for this aircraft and P2ATC also detects the frequency change within the aircraft too. @Dave-Pilot2ATC Sometimes I would like to have a kind of Profiles within P2ATC to switch a set of define option for different aircraft/situation. Kind Regards Dornus
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