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  1. Babbo

    GTN750 unproductive idle time

    Thank you, will check it.
  2. Babbo

    GTN750 unproductive idle time

    Which 'automatic' do you mean and which ini-file?
  3. Babbo

    GTN750 unproductive idle time

    Here we go: You're right with your first paragraph: using the plugin menu for ON causes no delay, but any OFF-setting considerably does. Regarding, the battery switch (accordingly invoked), the behaviour is somewhat erratic: OFF always works immediately, ON (after OFF) causes freezes and even crashes of XP11. Your "hooks". Checked that with intensive commitment: antivirus, defenders of all kinds, services, processes (handles, mappings ...) in general. Not a single cause found. (Actually, I would have been surprised, this is my dedicated machine, everything is well maintained and literally no issues are present.) May I remind you of our early discussion, my initial Black Friday discount problem ... I would be willing to invest into a 650 - as discussed - and check that one for a maybe better coexistence with my stubborn system!?
  4. Babbo

    GTN750 unproductive idle time

    XP11-loading completely normal, C172 with active GTN again normal. Switch to EMB110 with non-active GTN about 40 secs. Then, after enabling GTN, switching back to the same C172 (i.e. from active to active) about 5 minutes 50. Finally, quitting XP about 50 secs. All in all, more than 7 minutes idling ... Simply, too much.
  5. Babbo

    GTN750 unproductive idle time

    Any news or suggestions?
  6. Babbo

    GTN750 unproductive idle time

    First of all, hope, you had a fine landing, ...have my very best wishes for a happy, above all, healthy New Year - take care! And with respect to the topic: It's default scenery, no Ortho or other demanding stuff installed. Yes, you're right, it only happens if leaving a GTN-active situation, i.e. either quitting XP or changing to a non-GTN-active aircraft. (Admittedly, I've not yet checked the transition from a GTN-active aircraft to another GTN-active aircraft.)
  7. Babbo

    GTN750 unproductive idle time

    @bluebell2: thanks - but failure in my case @RXP: If you mean the Texture Quality slider, here I have a note: "541 MB of textures currently loaded" (with default C172 and activated GTN750). Video card memory is 8 GB.
  8. Babbo

    GTN750 unproductive idle time

    Hi and hello ... but - in my case - it only occurs with an active GTN.
  9. Babbo

    GTN750 unproductive idle time

    V.12 Installed, but no change. Clean logs after closing XP11. Waiting time between quitting XP11 and actual XP11-close about 110 seconds. Everything else is running fine and super-responsive.
  10. Babbo

    GTN750 unproductive idle time

    It is Done as advised, no hints in rxpGTN.xpl.log and rxpGtnSim.dll.log.
  11. Babbo

    GTN750 unproductive idle time

    Version ... hm, I do have an idea, but I'm not sure. How can I retrieve the version number from a running installation?
  12. I'm feeling quite uncomfortable with the fact that changing aircraft or closing XP11, the simulation freezes for up to about 1(!) minute (... no, this is a fast machine ...)? Looks like the GTN750 performs some background procedures. Somebody encountered similar behaviour?
  13. Babbo

    Black Friday GTN650/750 [SOLVED]

    No, I didn't feel offended in any way, we're speaking of a piece of hardware ... I was only wondering about your NVIDIA-relation, since I've already spoken about my AMD-card. All in all, not the smallest problem. Well, you requested a dxsetup-run and the RealityXP.GTN.ini again ... but then I thought, before fiddling around with an old DirectX9, even if it didn't completely suit my brains, let's update the current graphics driver ... and WE ARE DONE :-) Here some details for those of you, who might be interested now or sometime else: I had my AMD notifications on and usually followed the 1- to 2-monthly advice to update the graphic drivers. During my time of troubles (=last week) I was running Radeon-Crimson-ReLive-17.2.1-vc1232-170228 (25.5.2017), which was then updated today to Radeon-Crimson-ReLive-17.11.1-amdprw-64bit-171109WHQL (3.12.2017). - What did really make me think were the following two facts: (1) could be, laziness doesn't pay off (missing versions 17.3. to 17.10), however, (2) MS's certification (WHQL) will have probably attributed more positive effects to the final solution than the non-installation of uncertified drivers had prohibited. We will never know. So my final humble advice: update your graphics card drivers in a WHQL-way. And the product itself: yes, I had some issues - but I didn't read the manuals yet;-) so at the first sight: I feel quite impressed! Thanks a lot to everybody, for your patience and help & I would appreciate a type of [SOLVED] in the title, by the way.