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  1. tadino

    Speech Recognition

    The good news is that it's working now. I went through the steps provided by you Dave and checked the microphone settings again. Made sure that Enhancements and the Exclusive Mode were disabled. I skipped the USB Headset tips since my headset has the 3.5mm jack. I went into the Device Manager and checked under Sound, video and game controllers and I noticed that I apparently have three separate drivers installed there. Intel Display Audio NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device Realtek Audio I deactivated the first two devices and left only Realtek Audio enabled, since the Speech Recognition Information screen was showing Microphone (Realtek Audio) as the Active Default Input Device. I restarted the computer, launched PTA and the Grammar Helper, opened the Volume Mixer and saw that Pilot2ATC 2016 v. MFD was active. I started Grammar Helper and the Volume Mixer switched to P2A Grammar Helper. I tried practicing but it would not work, I realized that the speakers were not working. I went back into the Device Manager and enabled the Intel Display Audio and NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device. Restarted P2A and tried it again and suddenly it was working. I'm not using my headset though, I'm using the build-in microphone, which I don't mind, I'm just glad that it is working now. I practiced a few phrases and the Grammar Helper picked them all up and the Replay function is working as well. So what I pretty much did was disabling the additional sound drivers and leaving only Realtek enabled, restarting the computer, launching P2A and the Grammar Helper and then enabling the other two drivers again. I'm not entirely sure if this is a general remedy that can be used but it worked in my case. Dave, I appreciate your help immensely. Now I can use the software to the fullest extent. - Tom
  2. tadino

    Speech Recognition

    Thank you for your continuous support Dave. I checked the Volume Mixer and there’s no P2A logo or application listed, now that’s interesting. P2A is up and running though, with administrative right. All I see is the volume slider for Speakers/Headphones and System Sounds.
  3. tadino

    Speech Recognition

    In the Microphone Properties under the Enhancements tab I do the have the option selected to disable all sound effects. I'm not running any VATSIM applications while I run P2A. It just seems like that P2A does not have access to the microphone, like I said if I hit the Replay button in Grammar Helper, it's just dead. If there would be a static noise or something that would indicate that something is trying to get through. I also disconnected the headset that I use, that has a microphone and used the microphone that's build into the laptop but unfortunately with the same results.
  4. tadino

    Speech Recognition

    Unfortunately nothing, not even static noise.
  5. tadino

    Speech Recognition

    Hello, I'm not able to get P2A to recognize my voice input. I'm running P2A with administrative rights. Windows is recognizing my voice without any issues though, I can dictate a letter in Microsoft Word without any problems. But when I hit Practice in the P2A Grammar Helper and then hold the PTT button the application is not recognizing the input and I get the Full Txt: in the Practice Speech field. I do get the Speech Recognition Information screen and everything is looking good (see attached sreenshot). Even the phrase "Say Altimiter" is not being caught. I checked the Listen to this device box in the microphone settings and I was able to hear myself just fine, I'm controlling on VATSIM as well and never had issues with my microphone. I also unchecked the Exclusive Mode in the microphone settings. I've attached a picture of my settings and the end result. https://imgur.com/a/Z8LMA I'm using Windows 10 and the speech language is set to English in the Speech Settings. I hope someone has a hint or tip for me! - Tom