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  1. I've noticed that the max bank angle used by the AP in flight seems to vary based on the amount of time compression in use. For example, if in a max bank at 4x compression, and you reduce to 2x or normal, the bank angle increases, and so it appears the rate of turn. Is this true?
  2. As per the PMDG Web site: PMDG 747-8 Queen of the Skies II - Expansion Package for FSX Price: $325,000,000.00
  3. This may not be as big an issue as I thought. I am having trouble reproducing the CAT III failures. So that's good! On a related note: in testing this, I have discovered that there is no CAT III for KMIA, nor for any airport in Hawaii. I find this very surprising, given the kinds of weather they experience.
  4. Just noticed that the brake temp indicated in the status page seems to stay at 0, even immediately after a #2 autobrake landing. Just wondering if the brake temp is modeled in the current version of the 737.
  5. I have entered an incorrect approach for a landing at RJTT. But after having selected the wrong approach in the FMS DEP/APP screen, I can't select another approach. I also cannot delete any approach waypoints. So I guess my question is; what is the proper way to delete an existing approach, and replace it with another selection from the FMS DEP/APP pages? Joe
  6. Can you do a CAT III from RNAV in this sim?
  7. Yes. And gear down, flaps set, spoilers armed, autobrake set, and reference speed set. One odd thing though. The runway is supposed to be 72 degrees and is shown as such in the FMS and in the Navigraph approach plate. I set this as the MCP course. But the dial actually changes to 69 degrees when I capture the localizer, and I cannot change it.
  8. I have noticed that for approaches to some CAT III equipped runways, such as 7R at Fairbanks, I can't seem to enable both AP to facilitate a CAT III landing. Enabling the second AP simply makes the other AP disable itself. This happens both with just a localizer lock, and also with both localizer and GS captured. Otherwise, the plane is fully configured for landing. What would cause this? Joe N
  9. Just noticed that the indicated brake temp doesn't change when landing with autobrakes set to 2. Is this correct?
  10. Cabin crew reports that the aft passenger cabin is freezing! Sure enough, the temp reading from the cockpit is showing 9C for the aft passenger cabin! Only the aft pass cabin is affected. Environmental controls are set for Auto, Trim air is on, etc. Setting aft passenger cab temp manually to max doesn't help. We don't have enough blankets! Without a fix, we will need to start flying for Ryan Air! lol
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