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    Flight simming since the dawn of time... Currently P3Dv4.2; PMDG 737NGX, 777-200, 747-400 QOTS 2; ORBX Global, Vector, NA Land Class, AU Regions. DD NYC. Airports: FlyTampa KTPA, KBOS, LatinVFR KMIA v3, KRSW. ORBX YBBN, YMML, YBCG, YBCS YSCB, YBRM
    ......... Miss my LevelD 767

    Robert Marton

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  1. Bob Marton

    PMDG'S 777 and simbrief Flight plans.

    When I load a saved COROUTE the 777 always calculates a PERF for me, but if i chose not to use that, I just press the REJECT LSK and input my own data
  2. Perhaps, rather than getting into this where everyone explains their position; which both sides has already commented on, HiFlyer can re-post the item he originally posted, minus the disputed name, and we can benefit from learning of the device.
  3. Bob Marton

    PMDG aircraft and default P3D ATC

    Thank you everyone, I will try that. I have been using EditVoicepack for years, that did not cure my problem. I will try the B772 change. Have a Happy Thanksgiving
  4. While waiting to put the funds together to purchase an ATC add on, I have been using the dreaded default ATC. My question is this: When ATC issues a traffic advisory for other traffic about my PMDG 777-200 aircraft the message refers to my aircraft as "Boeing". Is there a way to change something in aircraft.cfg or elsewhere so that ATC refers to mine as 777? I appreciate any insight (and a free ATC add-on gift for the holiday) Rob
  5. Bob Marton

    cannot get the plane working

    Why not download the updated copy from the Operations Center?
  6. Very realistic scenery Luis...;-)
  7. have a successful move... farewell, till we meet again
  8. Great work. How can I get these, and do you have instructions on how to "install" these?
  9. Great videos Barak. I just have a question, when looking at the first video, your PMDG cockpit looks very realistic, but when I record video in my PMDG VC, it does not look anywhere near as realistic as yours. Are you utilizing a high end video recorder, or if it is just a setting in P3D could you share them with me?
  10. Bob Marton

    Your Thoughts on ImagineSim KLGA for P3Dv4.3?

    Thank you Norman, your post was very good. I have a powerful PC, so I should be good. I appreciate your guidance
  11. Imaginsim's LaGuardia Airport has been available for the better part of 2018. I have been thinking about purchasing this add-on, but in reading forum comments here on Avsim from February-March, there were issues including elevation/water on runways, and other items. If you use this software, can you give me some information about any lingering issues I should be aware of. Very much appreciated. Rob
  12. Bob Marton

    Entering the Hold issue

    This interests me too
  13. Bob Marton

    Locked threads

    Having followed that discussion from the start, and somewhat neutral on the matter being discussed, I would note that AVSIM took a reasonable course in the following sense: 1. They followed Their procedures and locked the conversation; however 2. They did not delete the post and subsequent conversation (except "inappropriate comments") 3. The 3 page post already expressed most views on the topic at hand, namely whether the developer was clear or not clear in the wording regarding the purchasing of their software.
  14. Bob Marton

    Weather radar....

    No weather will show on PMDG aircraft unless you have Active Sky weather program; though i understand that PMDG is working to eventually add REX as well
  15. Bob Marton

    Halloween Scary Party

    Thank you JP, really appreciate.