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    Flight simming since the dawn of time... Currently P3Dv4.2; PMDG 737NGX, 777-200, 747-400 QOTS 2; ORBX Global, Vector, NA Land Class, AU Regions. DD NYC. Airports: FlyTampa KTPA, KBOS, LatinVFR KMIA v3, KRSW. ORBX YBBN, YMML, YBCG, YBCS YSCB, YBRM
    ......... Miss my LevelD 767

    Robert Marton

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  1. I wonder if ORBX central uninstall the original version, or just overwrite it?
  2. PMDG Issued a statement on their forum about this matter, I would check it out.
  3. Chris let me try to research some of that. Currently i know it wont be overclocked, 6 gb on the GTX1060, weather, a couple of airports and the PMDG 777. My friend is looking to get back into flight sim and doesnt want to spend more than 1000 dollars.
  4. are the following specs sufficient to run P3D with PMDG addons? Intel Core i5 - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 - 1TB Hard Drive + 120GB Solid State Drive
  5. Quick question: when I used the free version of EditVoicePack in FSX years ago, I found a MOD that had default ATC transmit something to the effect of "Delta 400, Welcome to Miami (Or New York, etc), contact Ground on 118.5" . In using the updated paid version in P3D, I cannot find this MOD that welcomes you to your destination. Would anyone know where i might be able to find this one, and how would i import it into the program? Thank you. Rob
  6. the QRH for severe engine damage does not include an EICAS message unless you have a fire on the 744
  7. the only solution i think would be to purchase one month of navigraph
  8. Has anyone created or can create a repaint of the S7 Airlines B737-800 for PMDG? I would really appreciate it
  9. When I load a saved COROUTE the 777 always calculates a PERF for me, but if i chose not to use that, I just press the REJECT LSK and input my own data
  10. Perhaps, rather than getting into this where everyone explains their position; which both sides has already commented on, HiFlyer can re-post the item he originally posted, minus the disputed name, and we can benefit from learning of the device.
  11. Thank you everyone, I will try that. I have been using EditVoicepack for years, that did not cure my problem. I will try the B772 change. Have a Happy Thanksgiving
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