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  1. Sky King

    Installation Issues

    That's 2017
  2. Sky King

    Installation Issues

    I though I was replying to Ryanbatcund post dated December 19, 1917.
  3. Sky King

    Installation Issues

    My apologies for not responding sooner. The past year end holidays had me running in circles. Anyway, I really want this gauge to work with the PA-34. I'm not giving up on this. I did the auto replace. I have selected all the instances of the 430 with RXP GNS 430_1. I've checked "No Bezel" when I added the GNS430_1 in the VCockpit. Now I'm awaiting further instructions. I greatly appreciate your assistance.
  4. Sky King

    Installation Issues

    Thank you. I'll try it and will get back to you.
  5. Sky King

    Installation Issues

    Okay, I managed to install the software. I somehow was able to download the exe file. I now have to check the forum for another issue. The Caranado PA34 Seneca V aircraft's skin disappears when configuring the gauges and the GNS 430 gauge is not installing either in the pop up window view or directly on the acft panel. I'm sure I will found a solution on this forum or elsewhere. I do appreciate your assistance and will ask assistance if required. Thanks.
  6. Sky King

    Installation Issues

    Yes, I searched. Have not found anything other then the F1 Software extractor possibly corrupt. I recently purchased this product on 12/12/17. It's the ReaIityXP Garmin GNS430 (FltSim). I'm unable to install this product after numerous attempts, using the F1 Software purchasing module (rxpGSN2-430-FSIM.exe) . I had to re-validate my license/purchase key several times to attempt a successfull install. It will not install the GNS430 even during the very short install process, it says it was successfully installed. There are no files in my PC associated with GNS430 after the install other then the license key and the "rspfsxml.exe" file. It installed some of the files of the GNS Trainer Lite. I did not see any files extracting during the install and no desktop icons appeared (if there are any). I disabled my AV and made exclusions on my sims and addons. I cleaned/deleted all files pertaining to the GNS430 prior to re-installation attempts. I even re-installed the purchasing module. I have the MS FSX Deluxe Edition. I need assistance please. Windows 7 Pro SP1, Intel Core i7-4930K CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3.30GHz, 32 GB Ram. 64 bit. Graphics: GeForce GTX Titan Driver Version 388.59.
  7. Sky King

    Installation Issues

    Where do I go in this support forum to get installation issues resolved on the RealityXP GNS430? I'm new member of this forum. Thanks.