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  1. Hello! I am having a hard time with this issue. It looks like small dots are moving when the aircraft is moving, shaking, or even when i moving my panview. But it only exists on dark color panels The issue locates at the part under the windshield., and i dont know what that is called:( It is black color and everytime i start taxi, or moving my view,it kinda flashes with a lot of small dots moving at that part. I tried to use the original fsx cfg but there was no different anyway, so it has nothing to do with fsx cfg. It would be easier for you guys to understand what i am describing if i could insert a image but i can`t do that somehow.
  2. Hello! So I have now the Carenado Cessna citation S550. Since everyone including me are getting low FPS with this aircraft, I have disabled the cmeteo.dll file which gains me 3-5 FPS. But on the other hand I think the texture 4048x4048 is kinda high, I guess even PMDG has lower. So I want to lower the texture resolutions to 2024x2024 instead. The quastion is, but how? I believe it will gain me a bit more frames.
  3. Hello. I changed it to 500,500instead of 4,4 in both the 4.3 cfg And Panel.cfg but is still doesn’t work.:-(
  4. Hello! There are two files that are called Panel.cfg, one is Panel.cfg and another is called panel-4-3.cfg. Which one?
  5. Hello! Thanks for the reply, so u mean I just have to move that white spot a bit?
  6. Pegaso, the flood lights are the while lights that aluminate the foward panel, and the MCP panel. There are two under the NDu. And one at the left down of the pedestal
  7. My ngx’s flood lights don’t work during day time meanwhile I tested on my majestic q400 and pmdg T7, only ngx has this problem.
  8. Do you guys know why my FMC’s letter R is a P? On the route page it suppose to show Runway___ but instead it shows Punway
  9. Hellow guys! I am having an issue with the 737 FMC. I can understand that the terrain on copilot side is inhibited for better performance but I don’t know why the FIX doesn’t either work. For example I am in the Copilot’s CDU FIX page and i am entering the FIX(AB,USA or whatever). As soon as i click on the L1 button,it returns back to the FIX page without any fix. But meanwhile it works normal on the Cap’s CDU. and besides,I can not type anything into the FMC by using my keyboard although I do click on the scratchpad and it shows up the green edge which means I am suppose to type in with my keyboard. But it just doesn’t work... So I click on the TAB key which usually deactivate the co pilots scratchpad but it doesn’t either work,the green edge still remains
  10. Hello guys! I am having a problem with FSX:SE during a flight. So let’s say I am in a flight,and clicked the exit menu. Then the background of the exit menu is not black. Instead,it remains showing the cockpit. Usually,if you click the weather,Time,airport,aircraft,setting,then the background of the menus is just black. But in my case. The background is still showing the picture of my Pflight.
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