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  1. magicnorm

    Copilot Options

    Hi, I have a problem, I think, with the Copilot Option. When I check the « Respond to Radios » option the « Changes Frequencies » automatically gets checked. Is this a normal condition? I would like to have the Copilot only do the read back. I would like to manually change the frequency. Version on Windows 10 and X-Plane 11.10
  2. magicnorm

    Pattern altitude

    Hi, Can we find the airport pattern altitude somewhere? If not it would be nice to have this in the Info panel.
  3. magicnorm

    Magenta line in map

    I am a new Pilot2ATC user (10 day trial). I have a beginner question. When I created a Flight Plan between two airports, Pilot2ATC draws a white line between them, but it also draws a magenta line from the last airport to “nowhere”. What is this magenta line?
  4. magicnorm

    Transponder mode

    In X-Plane 11.10 the transponder has an ALT mode. The modes are Off, Standby, On, Alt and Test. Mode C (or ALT) transmits the altitude as well as the "squawk". When it is just ON, ATC sees who you are, but no altitude is displayed. Using Mode C, the radar will know the altitude as well. The problem I am referring to is that Pilot2ATC as no ALT mode.
  5. Hi, I have a question concerning the transponder mode in Pilot2ATC. When I set my transponder to ALT on the default Cessna 172 Pilot2ATC shows TEST. How can i set the transponder to ALT in Pilor2ATC? Using: Windows 10 X-Plane 11.10