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  1. Maurits Veen


    Yeah that's some sort of bug with the PMDG, not the airac. I'll get back to you when I remember the solution as it has been a while since I last had that bug
  2. Maurits Veen

    PMDG Vehicle Liveries

    I do but some airports aren't compatible with gsx
  3. Hey, I was wondering if the Ground Vehicle liveries are still in the planning? The 744 V3 has been out for quite a while now and we haven't had any update other than that it is planned but might take some time as they're very hard to repaint. Is this still on the planning or is this idea scrapped? Thanks!
  4. Maurits Veen

    New MD-11 (New Cockpit & New livery)

    Where can we download it? And can you give a more close up cockpit view?
  5. Maurits Veen

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    Was just a shadow thing 😉 Thanks Sorry for the late response btw
  6. Maurits Veen

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    Okay or my eyes are malfunctioning, or it was a one time bug or something lol
  7. Maurits Veen

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    Thanks guys!
  8. Maurits Veen

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    I know it's not needed but as a training source i expect stuff to be simulated correctly. It's called 'immersion' :P Plus i'm gonna fly the KLM 747 Sim so I need to know what I'm doing in 3 weeks
  9. Maurits Veen

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    Only got a reset/test switch, does this mean the emergency/test selector isn't installed on the PMDG or does you airline not include this feature?
  10. Maurits Veen

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    I do a normal check like in the video (which i forgot to attach lol), but then the FCOM says this: 'Departing from AMS or after maintenance action on oxygen system: RESET/TEST switch - Push and hold EMERGENCY/TEST selector - Push and hold While continuing to hold the RESET/TEST switch down, push the EMERGENCY/TEST selector for 10 seconds. Verify that the yellow cross appears continuously in the flow indicator. Verify that the crew oxygen pressure does not decrease more than 100 psi. If the oxygen cylinder valve is not in the full open position, pressure can: • decrease rapidly, or • decrease more than 100 psi, or • increase slowly back to normal Normal/100% selector - 100% Crew and passenger/supernumerary oxygen pressure - Check Verify that the pressure is adequate for dispatch.'
  11. Maurits Veen

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    Oh you fly the 744 irl? 😄 Would be strange if PMDG got this wrong but i don't remember ever seeing the ECS page without HI FLOW above them three. I'll take another look to be extra sure soon and then i'll come back to this post. Btw now i am talking to a 744 pilot anyway, do you know where the emergency/test switch is located for the oxygen test in preflight? Can't find it in the PMDG
  12. Maurits Veen

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    That's not installed on the KLM aircraft
  13. Maurits Veen

    Packs High Flow Simulation

  14. Maurits Veen

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    Just on the ground at the moment, but i've never on any flight seen it operate in normal flow anyway on any flight
  15. Goodday, I have been training in the 74 for a few weeks now with the help of a lot of KLM 747 manuals (FCOM's, MEL's etc), and i've noticed that the packs are Always in High Flow, and never in normal flow. This is what the FCOM says: HIGH FLOW switch FWD cargo airflow selection Pack flow during cruise Block fuel increment #1 #2 #3 OFF OFF NORM NORM NORM 0,0% LOW NORM HI NORM 0,3% HIGH HI HI NORM 0,5% ON OFF HI HI HI 0,8% LOW or HIGH HI HI NORM 0,5% From what I understood is that whenever the high flow switch is off, only 2 packs are able to operate in high flow. So then, why do i have my packs running in high flow all the time on all packs with the switch turned off? Cheers