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  1. Installation Error on Win10

    Thank You Jim!!! After trying this, everything workes as it should be and I can install my FSX! You're the best!
  2. Installation Error on Win10

    Everytime when I try to install FSX on Windows 10(64-bit) the installation is almost finished. But when it says "Registrating Modules", an error occures and the setup aborts the installation. I need hlp, because I alreay re-installed Win10 and I actually just want to test my freshly bought PMDG 777&737 and Airbus A320/321!
  3. Activation Error

    Hey guys, Everytime I start FSX and select the 777, the window with the activation key opens. So I enter the key and click on "activate". But now, it says 'error' and tells me that I need to check my internet connection and that it can't connect to the activation server. Guys I need help because I want to fly this beautiful aircraft!