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  1. Fireworks in P3D?

    Hmm...probably posted in the wrong forum. Somebody move it if able?
  2. I was flying out of EGLL today (22 March), and saw fireworks as I'm climbing out of 09L. What special day was today? No idea what building though...
  3. New to PMDG777 and unsure on function [Solved] If I'm not dropping even $40 on ChasePlane, there's no way I'm dropping $150 to $200 on TrackIR. Is EZDok any good? Basically, my question is: Is ChasePlane stable enough to justify $40? I don't want to pay that much for a software that glitches here and there.
  4. New to PMDG777 and unsure on function [Solved]

    But the head tracker costs just shy of $200.
  5. Low res VC lighting

    Yes, um...well, I asked him to turn it on to confirm it wasn't some lights not showing enough.
  6. New to PMDG777 and unsure on function [Solved]

    Erm...sorry to drag this off again, but is ChasePlane worth the $39 considering it is still in beta? I'm pretty fed up with P3D/FSX's default "camera" system but I can't really justify spending that money when I could get a pretty decent scenery upgrade or another good aircraft. Anyone have any compelling good things to say about it?
  7. Low res VC lighting

    Ah I see your problem......hmmm, I don't really know now... Maybe you should file a support ticket with PMDG on this. Sorry, this is out of my league. Anyways, I'll go check my 744 to see if this is your problem with settings or a corrupted file or if this might be a bug with P3D v4 or PMDG. Meanwhile, file a support ticket.
  8. Low res VC lighting

    Look at your flood light switch: it seems to only be switched on for dim lighting. Also, could you switch on the integral lights too? Kinda hard to see. Try to press the FLOOD button on the lower overhead and then take a screenshot.
  9. Low res VC lighting

    Imgur works too, and it is much more straightforward, without the need to register or log in.
  10. Why a good flight planner is important

    I literally went and bought Navigraph data and exported it to SimBrief, a MUCH more reasonable (and still free, well somewhat) flight planner. PFPX was too expensive for some virtual flying.
  11. Why a good flight planner is important

    The website is literally Online Flight Planner.
  12. And this is why you shouldn't use some free, sketchy-a** online flight planner for your long haul flights...
  13. New to PMDG777 and unsure on function [Solved]

    How on earth did you all tangent onto food and then went straight back to flight sim like nothing happened? :D
  14. Oh s***

    Nope, I couldn't find my QRH and completely forgot about the procedures, so I left it on ATT. A single IRU failure isn't so bad anyways in clear weather. I just selected the FO's IRU to show on C.
  15. Oh s***

    When your finger slips at the WORST possible knob ever: THAT's why there are guarded switches and pull out switches IRL.