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  1. No clue but mine are chocked. The problem's gone though, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. KFAR 310953Z 14007KT 10SM CLR M31/M34 A3020 RMK AO2 SLP264 T13111339 KORD 310951Z 25007KT 10SM CLR M29/M32 A3035 RMK AO2 SLP303 T12941322 $ KMSP 310953Z 23004KT 10SM CLR M31/M33 A3031 RMK AO2 SLP296 T13061328 $ KBOS 310954Z 27016G26KT 10SM CLR M15/M26 A3019 RMK AO2 PK WND 27026/0948 SLP222 T11501256 $ Brrr...it's cold as balls innit? Heard the ADF/AAF froze in KFAR too.
  3. Ok am I dumb? Or do I just not...see what the problem is? I customise each individual jetway as I load the aircraft because every stand is a bit different, I honestly don't see the issue, and I for one like the new customisation options.
  4. So uh...what do I do with the .dat file? Can't find anything online explaining what/where to install it or...?
  5. GSX would have to analyse the simulator's time and season settings, which would probably require quite a bit more code to implement, also...well we're talking about simulators, so I'd like GSX to be able to at least visually support an aircraft with a full underbelly. Also interestingly I looked at the ULDs used on the 747-400 by GSX and they're not optimal (AKE), the optimal ULD should be AKC ULDs, or AAU/ALU/AMF/AMU ULDs.
  6. Wish I'd seen this sooner, been sitting there for nearly an hour waiting for GSX to "load" the fuel and nearly burned through my reserves.
  7. To stop that don't use your manual brakes during landing, let the autobrake do its work, and set a lower autobrake if you find that it kills the tyres. Usually 1 will do on a long dry runway and 2 on a wet runway/short dry runway. 3 is probably for a shorter wet runway and 4 and 5/MAX are usually for abnormal situations when you need to come in with a much higher VREF on a not particularly long runway.
  8. The 777 has much more upgraded FBW systems and flight deck equipment, and obviously the flight dynamics are going to be pretty different from the 747...well they're 2 completely different planes from 2 different eras, not sure what you're asking about? Everything is different except the arrangement of the PFD/ND/EICAS? There's definitely a steep learning curve to the DC-6, especially with its engines. If you're used to the 747's autostart option, the DC-6's engines will be a pain in the butt to even start properly, or at all really. I recommend YouTube tutorials. Systems handling will be done by the Artificial Flight Engineer, including throttle control, gear and flaps control and almost all other systems, so you can focus on flying.
  9. Send in a support ticket, the best (and probably only) fix would be to completely flush and reinstall them, and if that doesn't work flush and reinstall Prepar3D (or FSX if that's the sim you're running), and I'm almost certain if you explain the situation to PMDG they will provide you with more activation links, you did pay them more than $200 after all...
  10. And here I am just asking for more realistic cargo handling... To be honest I see it as a pain in the a** to customise everything, but then...isn't that what us simmers do more than we fly? Tweaking and configuring this and that and never being satisfied ever because something is "off". It's a necessary evil.
  11. Agreed, plenty of issues especially with static elements but it's the only ground handling service we have so we just have to deal with it. In other news, GSX+GSX2 is selling on SimMarket for €46 and change instead of €55 and change.
  12. Maybe 20 luggages are compressed into one and it pops open in the cargo hold? Plane_luggage.rar at work I guess... 😂
  13. *me wondering aloud* It's a small thing, but I wonder if GSX could include repeated trips/longer trailers for the cargo/baggage handlers like they already do with the pax and fuel, seems a bit unrealistic to load up 8 ULDs on a 747 when it can hold 30, or about 20 bags on a 737 when clearly there's more than 120 passengers. Also maybe more variation in the ULDs and bags (whoops, read FSDT's posts, apparently this is harder, so...more colours instead of different models?), I'm sure they can do this when they already have pretty varied passengers, it'd add so much more to the immersion.
  14. It's almost like they're static lines that are moving somehow, other PMDG aircraft have better wipers with smooth(ish) motion, and other addons have even better wipers with detailing, at least make the animation smooth, not make it feel like an 8 bit game?
  15. The plane isn't pressurised, and probably for the fuel box, the FMC stated that the doors are "CLOSED", not "OPEN DOOR" or "CLOSE DOOR". It always happens at at KSFO's gate E64, maybe there's a hidden fuel box there? I'm using FlightBeam's KSFOHD.
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