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  1. Robert3512

    AVSIM Server Funraising Drive

    Ruthlessly censoring content that does not agree with you is hardly "maintaining an open line of communication". Cue FSLabs. And as you shall shortly see, this post will be deleted.
  2. Robert3512

    Can't print manual

    Oh yes,I'm sure many would love that, but I'm pretty sure logistically that would be impossible. PMDG would have to either outsource it to a bulk printing service (which has it's own legal and quality issues), or buy a couple of industrial printers and hire more staff, driving up their expenditure by a lot.
  3. Robert3512

    ARIAC Error

    I checked it, and none of the proposed solutions work.
  4. Robert3512

    DC6 Virtual Cabin

    Probably minimally related, but how do you turn off the cabin lights in the DC-6? I can't seem to find a switch in the cockpit or on the managers to do so, or is it not modeled? Doesn't seem like PMDG's flair.
  5. Robert3512

    ARIAC Error AIRAC Cycle 1804 is current, yes?
  6. Robert3512

    Can't start engines

    Sigh...this is getting really frustrating for me. I've followed the tutorials to the letter, and none of the engines will catch. I've tried various other methods provided here by fellow simmers, and none of them works! ARGH! I've tried it on multiple liveries, repaired the engines, BUT NOTHING FREAKING WORKS!! I've been sustaining my flights on the panel states and auto-starts provided by PMDG, but it doesn't feel realistic at all. Help? Do I need to reinstall the DC-6? Or is something corrupted?
  7. It does seem that people want the JS41 more than the 747-8 or the (rumoured) NG3, probably because for many the JS41 was their first add-on for FSX and introduced them to the world of realistic simming. Trust me, when the JS41 for P3D v4 gets up, sales are going to skyrocket.
  8. Robert3512

    Frame rate drop in P3D v4?

    Alright then thanks.
  9. So it's been half a year...any news? Last I checked the JS41 was still priced at a "cheap" $5,000,000 with a little sticky of "Product is in final testing, please check back soon!"
  10. So this is a preemptive question for folks using the DC-6 in P3D v4.2, have anyone experienced a massive frame rate drop in P3D compared to FSX? I used to have the DC-6 on FSX, and my frames would just tank to 5 or less fps, while with the other PMDG products it stayed at 20 to 30 fps. So before I sink in $70 for the P3D version, does anyone have any pressing issues with the DC-6 that would be a deal-breaker? My specs: Intel i7800, GTX 1070, 16GB of DDR4 RAM at 2666MHz, P3D v4.2.
  11. Robert3512


    I think it was the 08L at LFPG, and come to think of it I probably saw VDM08L on the FMC and didn't really know what it was, so I presumed it to be ILS-esque.
  12. Robert3512

    LOC/G/P? I thought it was either LOC/GS, or FAC/GP? Why would there be a "partial" ILS system? Or did I do something wrong...again?
  13. Robert3512

    FMC Error

    Nope, probably because I just updated the ARIAC data, and PMDG had a hiccup trying to update it.
  14. Robert3512

    FMC Error

    Thanks. Link must be broken though.
  15. Robert3512

    FMC Error This makes...sense? <<BIKF ERR: 10 RWY N/A>> Am running the PMDG 747v3 in P3D v4.2 with AIRAC cycle 1803 active.