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  1. We need some wheels with retractable skis on the savage and the xcub 😉
  2. You need to uninstall manually Asobo Lowi, since update 5 there is a terrain conflict
  3. Since the last update, most small villages and little cities in the Alps have now completely crazy tall buildings ! VFR immersion is totally ruined since today !
  4. And now we have power lines pylons ! At least main ones in Europe !
  5. Hi, if I need to reboot my pc, and if I put the download on pause, is it possible to continue and unpause the download once the pc is rebooted ? thx for your help
  6. Hi gents, once installed, my msfs2020 works but with terrible problems: Note that Since more than 15 years, i used fsx, p3d, aerofly fs, so I got some experience. I got an I7 7700k, 32gb, gt1080 8mb with 2 ssd. 1. no buildings at all appears.... just vegetation... of course I’ve checked 10 times my settings.... but nothing appears... no photogramerty at all.... only sedona airport procedural scenery is there... in courchevel, there is no airport (and i know the place). 2. strangely, msfs2020 builds his cache ( i defined this cache at 80gb) 3. even stranger: i can only fly lessons and challenges, but if i choose any airport in free flight mode, the game won’t work at all (clicking enter or validate doesn’t work). I would know if some gent here experiemented such an issue ? i suspect one problem: my name is Hervé (with this « é ») by default in my pc. And once installed, my msfs2020 created a parralel new user name with herve acute (sorry i’m unable to write the english version of « é » ). Could it be a problem ? I wonder if my msfs2020 is desperatly searching c:/user/herveacute and find c:/user/hervé . could it be a problem of written text (english vs french langage )? any help would be appreciated... otherwise i have to delete my msfs2020 premium deluxe and download it completely once again. Thank you for your help !
  7. Hi gents, i downloaded successfully the game, then downloaded (inside the game) the premium deluxe update, but now the intro screen (tbm) stays and nothing happens ! Tried several times to shut the app then resart.... my pc works well with others flightsims: i7 7700k, 32 gb, gt 1080 8 md, 2 x ssd..... any solution ? Thanks in advance
  8. Will try in my own timezone at midnight utc+2 (in 20 minutes), see for 15 minutes and then go to sleep for 6 hours.... and wake up around 6.30 utc+2 to see if download continue...
  9. Thank you for the info. Anyway, I waited since months.... i can wait until midnight tonight 🙂
  10. I’ve pre ordered since day one Premium Deluxe version: if I understand well, here in central Europe, I have to wait UTC+2. Setting in an earlier timezone will not unlock premium Deluxe, right ?
  11. Same for me: bye bye P3d and Xplane 11.... I just keep Aerofly fs2 for some days....
  12. Same here: just received paypal receipt for Premium Deluxe 🤪. Cannot wait. Less than 10 days now...
  13. Some tester are really flightsim beginners, as you look at their pilot skills hahahaha
  14. Nice, but this poor guy even did not hide his watermark 😁
  15. New technology, new team, new aera.... Aces was owned by Ms, Asobo is a french independant studio, one of the leading creative studios about digital games... Aces was a the top 15 years ago... and now a new generation of developers is at the top.... time change, that’s is life, isn’t it ?
  16. For sure, since yesterday, all is clear: 18. August. And more, we know that Orbx, aerosoft, Carenado, Pmdg, Just Flight and many others are onboard with Asobo and will offer their products very quickly for Msfs. And believe me, as alpha tester, i am more than happy to know that all these majors partners were involved since many months with Asobo.
  17. Anyway, Orbx, Aerosoft, Carenado, PMDG, Justflight and some otherS yesterday or today confirmed they are working since months with Asobo to prepare their aircrafts and/or sceneries for MSFS 20.... For sure soon we will see the first addons coming 😉
  18. Ok Thx, great infos... and one more evening since months waiting hopefully for invite that never came....
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