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  1. ttpad

    Update Question - Joystick PTT

    Thanks for the 'heads-up' JeB1952... I noticed a few issues with v2.4.0.3_x64 (namely a problem with ground controller deafness to taxi requests at Frankfurt) but have now updated to v2.4.0.4_x64 and will give it a test run. Thanks again.
  2. ttpad

    Update Question - Joystick PTT

    JeB1952... just to let you know... I managed to get the PTT function working using the Saitek yoke button #1 by updating Pilot2ATC from V2.3 to V2.4.0.3_x64.
  3. ttpad

    Update Question - Joystick PTT

    Thank you for your reply JeB1952. I have the same yoke button set to do nothing in X Plane too. The strange thing is though that although Pilot2ATC recognises the yoke button (and indeed any other button/key press) in the Config page, the application doesn't then perform the PTT function using the assigned button/key. Even though I have the enabled box ticked too. So the problem appears to reside with Pilot2ATC and not X Plane. So at the moment, the only way I can PTT is by using the mouse to click and hold the PTT screen key. I am at a loss to know what else to try. Thanks again.
  4. ttpad

    Update Question - Joystick PTT

    I'm also experiencing the same problem mapping the Btn #0 to perform the PTT function in Pilot2ATC. I'm using a Saitek Proflight yoke system and can see it listed as "Flight Yoke System" in the Pilot2ATC pull-down menu located within Config. I can even get the #0 yoke button to register in the Pilot2ATC application but even after depressing the "set" button, the PTT operation fails to work. Moreover, I've also tried mapping keyboard keys to the PTT function and although they register, none serve to perform the PTT function. Can anyone help and advise please? Many thanks.