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  1. RPM is still full (and it stay there) but the mp are going down and also the airspeed, even with full power No model for ice, never see it on the wingshield.
  2. Ok guys i got it work, but not with the fltplan go gps program. I use Fltplan go on the android, a blutooth usb dongle on the pc, bluetooth gps app on tablet and it work rly nice ! Follow the instruction U dont need the part 6. From the instruction 6. DroidEFB application: Available from Google Play or
  3. Hey guys, When i fly my c185 in p3d (i love it) i got some huge issues in cold air. I know it is injected engine and doesnt have carb heat, but also try to smash the H button (like in the old fsx days) but it doesnt do anything and i still lose power. I have the latest c185 download from simmarket. I dont know what to do and how i can solved it, anyone have some idea ?
  4. Hmmm does someone run fltplan go on android and p3d ? And does it work ??
  5. Yes it did. But also no connection to the program on my tablet. Maybe is should contact the support.
  6. Hey guys, I use also the FDE from bernd (in P3Dv4), but i travel in some issues with it, carb heat doesnt work, i clicked it in the vc and also use the shortkey but nothing happend. I lose so many power i must desent from 7000 to 4000 to get the engine work again with 25 mp at full power. Someone know whats happen ? Ty
  7. What can i try ? It still doesnt work Any ideas ?
  8. Ty for ur answer. I use the android app. External set to p3d Tested closing the app and restart it Both are in the same network And no it worked never
  9. Hey, I have done all of this things writen in the instruction I have tested it with my tablet and phone but doesnt connect, they are all in the same network, like my notebook where i am running airmanager without problems. Fltplan go gps tells me that it is connected but in the app @ external, show me Simulator FSX & P3D and last update time. The other things are 0 or empty, course show me 360 but thats it
  10. Hey Guys, I have a problem and cant solve it. I follow the instruction from fltplan how to connect the android app with P3D. But it doesnt work. I have install all 3 or 4 simconnect from the p3d folder. I dont know whats the problem is. Also disabled the firewall. Fltplan go app 4.2.6 installed (must be the newest) Does some one know anything what i can do or maybe i miss something. Ty