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  1. Funky

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

  2. Funky

    New Update

    There are 2 threads at the moment about that.
  3. Rly big thanks to u FDEdev for ur help !! 😊
  4. can also send u the airfile
  5. i can pm u the aircraft.cfg if that helps
  6. As far as I can remember from yesterday, its around 2 seconds (way to fast), so I must hold the yoke in an big angle to stay in the turn.
  7. Hey @FDEdev Its the Quest Kodiak from Justflight, i changed some stats to get it close to the original performance charts @ wells Wanna try it when i am at home
  8. Hey guys, I need ur help, i must hold the yoke to be in a turn (in the air), when i center the yoke the aircraft level it self instantly (no AP activated). I cant figure out at the moment what line i have to change in the aircraft.cfg or airfile , that happen only to one of my planes. Ty
  9. Funky

    What I need is...

    Nope, u can edit it without restarting the sim, so maybe it will be possible
  10. Funky

    Active sky

    So far the only good weather program i know that handels the sync over more pcs are, fsgrw i use it now for around 2-3 weeks (befor asn and asca) u can select gow realistic ur weather should be, i missed asn at the start but know i am rly happy with fsgrw and a realistic looking weather
  11. Funky

    Active sky

    The problem will be, with ASN and wideview ur clouds are not sync on each pc/monitor. When u see a cloud on the left screen u might be not see it at the front view
  12. Funky

    P3D Flying Clubs?

    U can also try I fly now for years in fse, buy/rent ur plane grab jobs and earn money or buy fbo's. Join groups in fse and have fun on discord
  13. Funky

    Orbx, some wrong textures

    No. I only use orbx, pnw north and central rockys. I guess that problem comes when i installed orbx global, but i deinstalled it. But the problem isnt gone.
  14. Funky

    Orbx, some wrong textures

    No not yet
  15. I got a problem, at my orbx scenery there will be often the same wood texture, but i guess they are wrong at this place. Its mostly the same texture and it will popup. Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Sry for the pics with my mobile, but iam in my cockpit at the moment. Does anybody know what i can do without deinstall the orbx scenery ? Ty