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  1. I went ahead and reinstalled magvar and seems like it corrected itself. I use navigraph for my AIRAC data and FSAERO for P3D.
  2. Having a strange problem that just started after I updated the AIRAC for this month. I am thinking it might be due to that (it also did some mag var update too). All of my ILS are screwed up. Here is an example. I am flying into YMML ILS on 16. The plate shows BELTA and DABOG as being ON the ILS. But, it is not...As you can see from my display, it is off, and it is off for every airport with an ILS. Is this an AIRAC issue, or MAG VAR issue? Where do I go next? Image1 image 2
  3. Just in case someone else has a similar issue... Update on this-I spoke with the FSAerodata support team, and it appears the 3 FSAD entries at the top of the scenery library just disappeared. I did a disable in FSAerdata app, then reinstalled, and then enabled...the three entries showed up. Tested it, and all is right with the world.
  4. Thanks for the replies. It appears there is an error with the fsaero data. When I looked at the map, the freq was 109.1. I changed it, and despite numerous RW/ILS FREQ ERROR popping up, it came alive. Sorry about the typo-it was 3am...should have been 26R.
  5. Second time this happened to me tonight. First, on approach with the NGX to SCCI 25 ILS. Never came alive Now, flyinig the 777, on approach to 25R at LFPG...never comes alive. Probably something stupid I am forgetting, but I cannot figure it out. Never had any issues before tonight. .https://ibb.co/yYS2vZ8 The runway is programmed into the FMC, as is the approach. I reinstalled the most recent AIRAC, and I cannot select LOC or APP
  6. Appears I am back to the drawing board...I should clarify that when I say 4x is allowed, that the full flight time is counted. So if the flight is 4 hours, and I fly it at 4x, I would get a credit of 4 hours. Many VA's seem to limit to either no acceleration, or only use the actual flight time (in this circumstance, 1 hr).
  7. Done! I just joined. Thanks. I am not sure I saw your delta virtual site (there are a few out there) but appreciate the reach out!
  8. Grown really tired of dealing with VAs and their rejection of pireps and rules. I just want to fly and have some milestones to reach. Maybe a tour. Ideally, I am looking for a VA that would allow 4x, allow all routes, and pretty much autoaccept pireps. Not looking for rejected pireps for things like 'you left 3 mins early' or 'you entered a 777-300ER when the type is 777-362ER'. Any recommendations?
  9. I've been having issues with all PMDG aircraft with the ILS aligning just to the left of most runways. I seems to be arbitrary between freeware/payware/stock scenery. It is really annoying-my front gear lands on the left edge of the runway. I tried updating the magnetic variation to no avail. I'm not sure if this is a PMDG problem, or something else, but since I seem to notice it with PMDG, I thought I would start here. I do have ORBX Vector installed. Seems like I might need to run something to re-align the runways? Thanks Jeff G
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