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  1. ashbygooner

    P3d V4.1 No nose radome textures seen

    Olympic260 - do you have any timescale for when this issue is going to be looked into / rectified. As far as I am aware the team have known of this issue since at least July 2017? Cheers Rhys
  2. ashbygooner

    P3d V4.1 No nose radome textures seen

    Chris Thats appreciated, I look forward to you guys rectifying what is a minor issue on a fantastic product - thank you. Keep up the good work! Best regards Rhys Warner
  3. ashbygooner

    P3d V4.1 No nose radome textures seen

    Olympic260 - I understand the user signature bit now, so name is at bottom of post. I sent PMDG a message I think via your contact us tab on oyur website, I initially thought it was via the PMDG Operations Centre, but having just checked that that doesnt appear to be the case. Anyway - back to the question can you help re the missing nose textures please, now Ive signed me name? Do you need any other details purchase date etc serial code? Regards Rhys Warner
  4. ashbygooner

    P3d V4.1 No nose radome textures seen

    Headley - Im using REX so that would answer that, not active sky. Thank you. Have you any ideas re the nose radome textures not displaying? Olympic260 - disappointing reply. Ive paid just shy of $90 dollars for your product, emailed your company directly no reply, and instead of trying to help me youre telling I need to create a signature block whatever that is? Any chance you could just offer me some advice please thanks.
  5. Hi Recently converted to P3d V4.1 from FSX. Purchased PMDG 737NGX on line via PMDG website as a download. Since installing, from the captains seat VC view I cant see the little fins on the top of the nose radome that I used to see on my FSX version. Also I dont think the weather radar is working I dont see anything on the screen when I turn it on. Your help appreciated, thanks.