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  1. Oh wow thank all you guys for the feedback. It does seem as though I was panicking over nothing and I do apologise for wasting everyone's time. Once I have it confirmed from ORBX I will let you know. Thanks again!
  2. I have yes. Not heard back yet but I can be patient. Also worth noting that I fixed the two folder paths with a simple force migration. FTX Global is still empty though.
  3. Ah ok. I know how to check my event viewer but I don't really know what I am looking for. Google seems to be clueless :(
  4. Hi all I was hoping if someone could shed some light on a problem I am having. This morning whilst firing up my sim, I was greeted with the dreaded 'generating scenery files index' freeze on 88% after installing ESSA. I uninstalled and of course the problem persisted. I used an addon organiser which showed me two folders that had incorrect paths. These two folders were FTXAU38_CUSTOM and FTXAU48_CUSTOM located in the FTX_AU folder which is located in the main ORBX folder (I do not own ORBX Australia and I can't remember if this folder is part of ORBX Libraries or FTX Global). Now I am not the smartest guy in the world when it comes to fixing issues with Prepar3d or addons, therefore I just disabled those two folders. I started up my simulator again and it began working again. However whilst troubleshooting I noticed that my FTX Global folder is completely empty, even after uninstalling and reinstalling. I was wondering if anyone could help me fix this issue, as well as the two FTX_AU folders and if any other folders would be comprimised or missing scenery. I use a symbolic link for ORBX as well as words not allowed base and vector. For ORBX, I currently have FTX Global (empty), FTX Vector, Europe Open LC, North America Open LC, FTX England, FTX Germany South, KSAN and LOWI installed. Any help would be appreciated. Omar
  5. So I borrowed my friend's PSU and tested Prepar3d around six or seven times and the PC did not restart once. I plugged my own PSU back in and it restarted two out of my three test runs. Seems like the PSU is faulty after all, however I am still in two minds due to none of the stress tests crashing the PC . I will be reinvesting in a new one but if theres anything else I need to know, please do get in touch. Many thanks Omar
  6. I have spent so much of my weekend just stress testing beyond belief and my PC has passed every single one of them with flying colours. I managed to get a hold of a friend who is going to lend me a PSU and once I test it, I will update with results (within 48 hours). Even though I haven't made a ton of progress with this, I want to thank everyone who has given my computer illiterate self advice so far. I struggle a lot with anxiety and panic attacks and flight simulation can sometimes be the only relief for me so if you have any other suggestions, please, let me know. Thanks Omar
  7. So one thing I have noticed from the days of stress testing is my TMPIN4 temperature. It has a value and min of 0, and a max of 128c. A friend told me it is a false reading however I obviously need a second opinion at this stage.
  8. I may try and get a PSU out of a friends computer and test it out that way. From everything I have done so far, my CPU seems completely fine and none of my components are overheating (except for the PSU which I obviously can't tell). If it is a hardware problem, and from what you told me, it would seem to be a PSU issue. I will try and give an update when I can test a different PSU.
  9. Thanks for the tip. I have downloaded a utility that does all of this and it is pretty easy to use and navigate. The issue is I have no idea what I am looking at when it comes to voltages. I guess what I am asking is how can I tell if it is failing?
  10. Never mind. I had a look and the fan is working perfectly. I would just try another PSU regardless but I obviously haven’t got a spare one and with all the money I’ve pumped into P3D in the last four weeks, if I were to buy a new PSU and it didn’t solve it then I would be devastated.
  11. This is very interesting especially seeing as a lot of people have suggested it's a power supply problem (and the fact you have the exact same power supply). How exactly did you find that the power supply fan was frozen? Just by looking at it I assume? Sorry if that's a stupid question but I had to ask before I take my PC apart again.
  12. One thing I need to add. When the issue first arose, someone told me that deleting my cfg file would work. This originally worked for a bit but then the problem came back. i then did it again and the issue went away again but came back later. Is there something corrupting my cfg file?
  13. I have the ASUS Z-170A with the latest bios (3703) installed and this error has occured on both this bios and the old one. If this is the issue then I guess I’ll just keep updating and hopefully one will fix it.
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