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  1. Robert Markusic

    Looking to get X-Plane 11

    Just can say that I had much less issues in FSX original then steam edition.
  2. What is the fps you get in 4K? My display is also but you can set to FullHD or even less in x-plane, it will give a satisfying result in resolution. I do not notice any particular improvement by higher resolution.
  3. That is all theoretically possible, but it still does not answer, why change of rendering option from HDR10 down to minimum or 4 steps down does not effect framerate, it always remains about 16 fps despite it is the main factor in performance. Is there some tool that could analyze the performance and determine exactly if the bottleneck is CPU or GPU, is it VRAM or is it RAM? If the GPU is added it also matter which, for the best performance they recommend GTX1070 and more that is very expensive about 350 Euros at local market, but there is also GTX 1030 that is about 170 Euros.
  4. Thanks it is interesting in benchmarks, but the measure would be specific fps in the game, I.e who has upgraded to external card, may test with both. I have shrinked x-plane to desktop, so resolution is minimal, it works at 16 fps plane on ground, task manager shows, CPU at 50%, memory at 70% and GPU at 86%. So why it does not increase the framerate? Programs used so far never stutter if CPU or other usage is less then 100%. Could set capture but here is no upload file option.
  5. That would be interesting to hear, comparation of onboard to external graphics card in fps, of users who have both.
  6. To note additionally that Hassan has i7 and low framerate as me on i3, it is a bit odd, to be hardware related.
  7. If you compare GT630 in FLOPS its matches about onboard Intel HD630. Classes matches names. Check for RX550 as they may be rebranded on different names by NVidia. The X-plane says for GPU, minimum setting intel HD2000, recommended HD4000 and above, so HD630 is much above. For the onboard is only different VRAM that is in this case likely used from RAM. As the x-plane is initially made for 32-bit system or the memory up to 3 GB, so it makes no sense why 8 GB in 64-bit PC may not be enough. Yes its got some better graphics, but if my PC is the latest edition from last year, not by Celeron, but i3, it is not to expect only 13fps! It should have setting for at least 25 fps, for present PC systems. But I may notice many people have issue with FPS, so it may very likely be to software. Hope that Lamminar research is not sponsored by hardware manufacturers! :-)
  8. Could it be the issue is in the X-plane itself? The FSX had the same performance issue until Microsoft released an update. It is a bit odd that reduction from HDR10 to minimum has almost no effect if the GPU is an issue. Also as I remember FSX had improvements only by CPU increase, GPU has no effect. On my PC it performs 50 - 80 FPS, so I do not find a reason X-plane would go much less. The removal of the front panel, i.e. increase fps from 17 to 26 fps. It does not have 3D elements that would be GPU intensive, neither is CPU very demanding. Some of the posts above also note different performance on the 2 matching laptop set ups. The x-plane should consider correct perfomace option with installed GPU as is on the most PC systems. GTX1070 is very expencive card, but also if you got mini-ITX system you may not have PCI-x port for it.
  9. But if GPU is a bottleneck, why does reduce graphic settings from HDR10 down to minimum has almost no effect in increase of performance? In FSX change in settings directly effect it. Also the intel HD4000 or later is recommended hardware and HD630 is much later and stronger. Here is noted in forum that change of GPU did not have much effect on fps.
  10. The same issue here, whatever I change in settings the framerate does not change much, about 14 fps, it only helps reduce the resolution. Also in task manager changes in renedering cganges almost none in CPU consumption that is about 50% and graphics use about 86%. In the FSX there is clear difference when change settings and in full set up gives about 50 to 60 fps. Desktop system, CPU is i3-7100T, mbo Asus B250i, RAM is 8GB and OS is Windows 10 version 64-bit. As the onboard graphic is Intel 630HD that is above recommended older 4000HD, let me know any increase performance you get by change from onboard intel to external graphics like GT730 to GTX 1070.