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  1. Yeah but for the Flight1 GTN you get both the 750 and 650, thats why its more expensive. You can buy both from RealityXP too but its roughly the same price anyway. Also for anyone who havent bought it yet. Be aware of that RealityXP has both the GTN for p3d and XP. So make sure you pick the correct one for your sim.
  2. As I understand it you dont own the GTN750? If that is the case I would like to mention that RXP has a discount sale on their GTN750 at the moment. Not sure when it will end. But you can find it here Ian: http://www.reality-xp.com/ Like Pidder says it feels weird slapping a GTN in the ATR but in Carenado planes, it's often a necessity.
  3. Denzel, you gotta link pictures that arent copyrighted, otherwise they will be removed lol! Happened to me once here. @Denzel
  4. Wow, incredible that LIAT is available, I didnt know that, thanks a bunch 😄 Yeah they do haha. It's my regional airline and I see them fly by everyday thats why I hope someone can make them even if they're 72's 😍 If only Carenado would have done the 72 variant instead... oh well, cant have everything eh! 😄
  5. Hello! Would any of these be possible? LIAT operates alot in the Caribbean... 🙂
  6. Amazing liveries! Once I reach my computer Ill make sure to make a donation to you! Thanks for your work and effort with Carenado paintkit...! While Im from the cold north of Scandinavia I would love a nice Air Antilles livery! Pssst... SAS pleeease 😉
  7. Here are some more liveries I'd love to have for the Carenado ATR... Not all of them are 42-500...so I guess they would fall under ficitional, heh!
  8. So I was just about to descend. Activated ALT SEL and VS. Wanted to decrease speed but the throttles wouldnt do anything. Deactivated ALT SEL and then everything came back to normal. Running beta 1.8. Have anyone else had this? Lovely piece of plane and the new sounds are amazing!! Short clip of it https://streamable.com/em784
  9. Hello! Im just curious if there are any plans for introducing the rain effects from A2A? Maybe replace the current ones I thought. Anyways, thanks again for a beautiful plane! The Learjet is next whenever my wallet is restored, heheheh! 😄
  10. I would love to have this livery but I cannot find it in the FB page, do you know where it is? 🙂 Also the N987F looks beautiful, would love to get that livery 😍
  11. Hello FSW! I recently just got the Falcon 50. Decided between yours and from another developer who which I wont mention lol, but I ended up choosing yours! I must say that I love the work you have done! It's absolutely my favourite aircraft to fly at the moment and it definitely is the most in depth bizjet in my hangar! And I love to see how active FSW is and keeps pushing out updates to it. Really amazing! So I just want to thank you once again for a really nice piece of work, keep it up! 🙂 Hats off to you! 🎩
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