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  1. I've been visiting the ATS facebook page everyday waiting for an update and oh boy was I happy when I saw Andrey in the stream today! I'm SO happy and cannot wait to fly the AN-2! It's gonna be a solid workhorse!
  2. Fenix, NG3, Leonardo maddog, plenty of vintage planes etc coming and now Ini A310! These devs needs to slow down or my wallet wont be able to keep up 😄 (dont slow down pls all these announcements is wonderful news ❤️ ). Day one buy for me.
  3. 1. Graphic settings and p3d and MSFS isnt exactly the same and MSFS looks so much better than p3d. You will probably have same or better fps in MSFS. 2. I have the premium edition and right now it's probably not worth it. The handcrafted airports from Asobo are kinda of.... meh (theres a few that are nice though). And alot of the airports that came with the premium edition have now been made by 3rd party devs too a much higher accuracy and detail. However, I will say that you'll get alot of airports for a "cheap price" from the premium edition. If you listened to the dev QnA yesterday there was some news from WT that might actually make premium edition worth it. For instance, WT are gonna improve the G3000 which the Longitude have and when WT have done their amazing work on the G3000, the Longitude might actually turn out to be a real solid plane. So to sum it up, premium edition is probably not worth it right now, but looking at it long term, it might be if you are into those planes that comes with premium edition. In the end it's really up to you 🙂 3. I would recommend to buy planes addons from developers themselves if possible. Otherwise you should probably buy from resellers like Aerosoft, Simmarket, Just Flight etc. And lastly for scenery addons I would probably say it's fine to buy from the Marketplace. My reasoning? Plane addons usually get more updates frequently and updates on Marketplace are slooooooooooooooooooooooow. And for sceneries... well they are not updated as frequently and are probably less likely to fail, so that's why sceneries to me are kinda ok to buy on Marketplace. 4. If you got the hdd space, keep p3d. At least until you've given MSFS a try to see if it's a sim you want to continue flying or not. I have bought the premium edition from the MS Store and I haven't had much issues with it. I think I have like 600 hours into the sim right now and I haven't had many CTD's or other issues. Installation or updating the sim has never been a problem either. MS Store or Steam, I don't think you can go wrong with either! 🙂
  4. Not wanna start a lengthy debate but I feel like there is a conception among people that Europe has some sort of privilege in flight sims. I think it's a little bit unfair to bunch together all of Europe. There are many countries in Europe, many who still lack alot of sceneries or havent had much in the past. I'm coming from Sweden myself and I feel truly blessed to have such a good rendition of Sweden with the satellite imagery from MSFS. In other sims Sweden wasen't particularly good and often neglected. I didnt think I would ever see such a good rendition of Bromma, but now we have one and I am one of those simmers that a super happy about it. It's like a dream come true (used to being a local to Bromma aswell). And unless you mean Orbx in particular, there are alot of sceneries being made all over the globe by other devs. I think MSFS have contributed to broaden the variety of airports we have now.
  5. Words cannot express how much I want to fly the Maddog in MSFS, cannot wait for this ❤️
  6. Goran please more focus on making the Saab available for MSFS and less focusing on endless debates with avsim folks, plz ❤️
  7. Big congratulations to MSFS and the devs! More years of excitement to come!
  8. I'll also tag along and say that I'm very excited for the An-2 for MSFS! While I haven't ever flown the bird in p3d it sounds very reassuring that it'll be a good one from what I've heard. I also have the Cri-Cri and it's alot of fun and challenge to fly! Good dev in my book, cheers! 🙂 I hope the An-2 is not too far off from release 😄
  9. Yeah, no, not gonna get dragged into this, hehe! Have a nice day and I hope your simming adventures gets better! 🙂
  10. Honestly, some of these comments makes me concerned about the mental health of people. Like actually worried abit. Especially these days with corona floating around and people that are stuck alone in lockdowns. Stay safe guys and do what gives you energy and less of things that drains you of your energy, like really. Drop the crusade and focus on the stuff that makes you feel good.
  11. Hello! Im also one of the people that have experienced very little issues after SU5 in regards to stability. The main issue I had before SU5 was stutters and thats almost gotten ridden off and now its smooth as butter, which Im very happy about. I think I've had 1 or 2 CTDs at most and I fly usually every day for a couple of hours. Installation took 1 hour and 41 minutes (yes i clocked it for curiosity). Thats stability summed up for me. In regards to visuals theres definitely been some downgrades. Clouds has more artifacts and taxi/landing lights have some issues aswell, same with the in game "flashlight". Pop ins are definitely more noticeable too. I think thats about it for me.
  12. Here you go. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/208618-throwback-thursday-eghi-southampton-for-microsoft-flight-simulator/ And a direct link to the shop: https://orbxdirect.com/product/eghi-msfs
  13. To me, it's very simple: I don't have to pay extra for something like FS Global, FTX Global and UTX Europe / USA Ultimate. The amount of features we get from the stock sim is just amazing and a huge pro in my opinion. In my book that is the big difference.
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