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  1. I do the 'Welcome Aboard' announcement on my own but my family now think I'm totally crazy.
  2. I had the same 'issue'. I also would like to fly in VR only. But for training purposes like this I have reactivated my TrackIR equipment. Now I train the voice mode, the flows, the possible anwers during checklists and so on in 2D with TrackIR. Finally I will switch back to VR and hopefully I can make it without any further help. And that would then be the most realistical and satisfying way of doing it, I think. Must be a good feeling to communicate all the way flawlessly from cold and dark until securing the aircraft. By the way, I also have PushBack-Express, Pilot2ATC and VoiceAttack (only for essential VR commands like 'Drone View', 'Left wing', 'Show toolbar' etc.) in place. A lot to talk but hey, when I look to airclips, that's way the pros do it, right?
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