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  1. I have also been experiencing similar symptoms where CP starts up ok and allowed me to finally set up and create various viewpoints I wanted to set up and assign them to specific switches on my yoke. All of a sudden without warning it locks up and appears unresponsive to views selected. It appears to be locked up at that time and does not seem to be linked to any specific view selected. However I then noticed after several minutes that it suddenly changes view and cycles through whatever views were selected and did not respond to in the order selected as if it is suffering severe lag. Making it impossible to use in a flight for any prolonged duration. This also affects just about everything else opening when selected. Turning off CP rectifies this retardation immediately and any window or panel selected responds immediately again. Restarting CP works again to start with for a short period and then it starts the same lock up retardation effect on the system. I have a reasonably high end system TUFX299 with i7 7800X CPU, GTX1060 6gb G1 Gaming GPU, 32gb of 3000Mhz RAM. This also does not show any abnormality in usage 20% max when this situation arises.
  2. Poppet - Stratto is going away for couple of weeks holiday but will be calling in to see me today so I will advise him of your reply and he can let you know when he gets here later this afternoon
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