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  1. Hello, this has been something I feel alot of people wanted for a while now, and that is BBJ variants of the 737s. It could really just be a duplicated model and everything but just with the amended weight, fuel capacity, and range that the BBJs have.
  2. Hello, Everything has been going well all week until yesterday when I wasn't able to transmit messages on vpilot. I was able to receive messages but the controllers weren't able to see my messages that I sent until I restarted vpilot a few times and all seemed well. Today, however, I was flying along fine but then I noticed I wasn't able to see the controllers in the list of controllers in range, but I was very close to entering their airspace. I could send and receive direct messages from controllers but I was unable to see any messages from them 'on frequency' and they were unable to see messages from me. I tried restarting, reinstalling, the whole 9 yards, I just can't seem to get it to work. Thank you, Zach Burns
  3. I think for now I can be content with just using the pop-up GTN's. In the future once/ if I get a better computer then I will simply install them into the VC's then. I am just happy that I now get to expand my options for where I fly and what aircraft I fly now that I won't be using the default FSX GPS.
  4. Yeah, I mean, I am under the minimum specifications for just about every single add-on that I have so I didn't think much of it. I was actually surprised to see that my system could run scenarios like the PMDG 777 at Fly Tampa EHAM and still maintain about 30 fps but yes, it is integrated video. I'll try the CPU core assignment thing although I would have no idea where or how to do that haha. Perhaps I could also try to put everything back in FSX:SE since it is less demanding (Although I believe it is still broken after the latest windows 10 update). Edit: Found where to assign the cores, so much easier than I thought.
  5. Hello, after much thought trying to decide between the RXP GTN and the F1 GTN, I decided to go with the F1. Sadly I have come to find out that the frame rate has halved in the PC-12 (I haven't tried the other planes yet). Generally I will have the frame rate locked at 30 and, especially in the PC-12 it would stay at 30 or in the upper 20s. Once I added the GTN to the plane I am lucky to get 15 fps. Very disappointing and I am hoping at least someone has a solution. I should probably mention I am running P3D v3 academic. Thank you, Zach Burns
  6. @RXP Lovely, although my daily flyer will most likely be the PC-12 I find it important that it work with my other planes, being the Just Flight Piper Arrow III and the A2A Cessna 172. Sadly I haven't seen many forum posts if any on whether it would integrate well into those planes, "well" meaning with full functionality. Also another question of mine was what the currency and options to upgrade the Nav data in the RXP GTN were.
  7. Long time since I've been here but judging by the picture recent article/interview for the RXP GTN Touch, I am convinced that the RXP GTN750 works in the Carenado Pc-12. Therefore, I think that is the GPS addon I will go for since it is a bit cheaper. I am just hoping they work for the PC-12 in Prepar3D since that is the version I am using
  8. Alrighty, thanks all for the input, I am still going through the feature list of both units and they seem extremely similar. I would love to have the GTN and the RXP 530 but that would be extremely costly, which is making me lean toward the F1 GTN option since it comes with both the 750 and 650 units unless you aren't able to have the 750 and 650 both in the VC for the PC-12 then that changes everything. All in all, I will just have to do some more research and weigh options and hopefully decide and purchase soon so I can finally use the PC-12 to its potential. Zach Burns
  9. Hello, I am soon most likely going to purchase a GTN 750 for my Carenado PC-12 and a few other planes and I just wanted to get some opinions on which to get and such. Out of the two that I know of, one being the Flight 1 GTN 750 and the other being the RXP GTN 750, I am leaning more toward the RXP GTN 750 as I believe someone said it is based off a new version of the Garmin Trainer and it is quite a bit cheaper. With that being said, I was wondering if the RXP GTN would work and actually be able to be put into the PC-12's VC as the PC-12 will most likely be the main plane that I fly and use the GTN with. Also how is the RXP GTN on performance? By no means do I have a powerful computer and I wouldn't want a GPS to bring it to its knees. These are just a few things that I wanted to be clear on before I jump the gun and make the purchase. Thank you, Zach Burns
  10. Ah yes, I was contemplating purchasing the RXP 530 a while ago but I haven't really looked into it much since, also the Flight 1 GTN 750/650 package, both of which come with a pretty heft price tag. I have been hesitant to fork out that much money for a GPS but as I increase my number of GA planes in my hangar I suppose they will be worth it since they are able to be used in just about all of them. Also I believe Bert also merged the Carenado TBM 850 with the GTN 750 so I think that would definitely worth checking out as while I enjoy the PC12 and think it is a fantastic looking plane, the TBM 850/900/930s are definitely my favorite Single engine TPs In real life, I am not sure how good Carenado's representation of it is. All in All, I'll have some saving up to do but I am sure it will be worth it if it means that I can fly GA on vatsim without problems. Thank you all for your recommendations! Zach Burns
  11. Hello, I've been Flying in sims for about a full year now and recently began flying on VATSIM. Now don't get me wrong, I like flying the biggest and baddest airliners there are into crowded airspaces but a big interest of mine is with smaller General Aviation aircraft. I have had the Carenado 350i and PC-12 and although modelling wise they are absolutely stunning, they lack they seem to lack in a few areas when it comes to IFR capabilities when it VATSIM. For example, I'm flying the 350i out of Seattle and I'm being vectored around and then the approach controller instructs me to go direct to a waypoint. I enter in the FMC to go direct but it takes me to an intercept point on the FMC path rather than direct to a waypoint. Small little things like that which i have found which makes flying Carenado aircraft on VS generally not enjoyable. Now after all that blabbering on I raise the question, does anyone know of any great looking aircraft (particularly single engine turbo props) that are IFR capable and would suit well for VATSIM flights? I'm sure this is just me being picky but any input would be appreciated. Thank you, Zach Burns
  12. *Constantly wishes for a MD-11 update for v4*
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