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  1. I rather see myself buying P3D in the coming 12 months for the fslabs and new PMDG products, only to find that in two years all studios will cease developing for P3D in favor of the new MSFS 😉
  2. Yep, FSLabs have dropped FSX. In maintaining the product, that is. Not, however, in selling it for quite a high price, while there are still issues which would need fixing. Which is worrisome, also for P3D customers, I would say, because any platform becomes old(er). Unless, of course, one has the necessary resources to upgrade hardware and add-ons to a new platform regularly. That said, it's probably a good decision then. Even though I'd really have appreciated not reading the checklists to myself any more on the fslabs. I hope it will be different for your ground crew environment, though ;) Have a nice weekend everyone!
  3. That's great news :) looking forward to it, especially since I think I spotted a hint that there will be a version for fsx? ;P
  4. A hint for those of you also using a laptop: I find that it is much faster to set the baro mins using trackpad scrolling (i.e., one stroke down my trackpad makes about 1500 ft difference) than when using the mouse wheel.
  5. Thanks! I'm still not decided about whether or not to buy the -8 package. Should I do I will definately give it a shot. Would suggestions on how to make it work be welcome to be posted here or rather not?
  6. Just to add another thing for people who might be coming to this thread from google etc.: A few times I experienced RC4 in FSX having no sound / not contacting controllers and could resolve the issue by selecting the other mic switch / any mic switch at all on the com panel. Weirdly, while it's of course realistic, it doesn't seem to be too consistent, in that sometimes it will work and some times it won't with the same flows and aircraft and that for me it seems only to be an "issue" on PMDG aircraft.
  7. Hi There, sorry to bother.. I just read to my surprise that due to the limit on windows fs2crew won't be possible on the 748 in FSX. I was quite sad to hear that because I've been using FS2Crew for ages now and it actually is a major selling point for me when buying into a new addon plane. I was considering buying the 748 upgrade, but now I'm really double guessing that. While I get that a "regular" FS2Crew would not be possible in the 748 I can't stop but wondering if there could be a light version - for instance only one button controlled window providing checklist and PNF functionality. I'd happily sacrifice the FO and center pedastal FMC popout window, or, really, all FO popout windows for FS2Crew. Also, I get it: FSX is getting old and 32 bit and so on.. but it just works for me, on my office machine, plus there's a lot of addon money in it now.. so, I'm not planning on leaving soon 😄 Thanks a bunch! Anton
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