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  1. This is exactly what I am thinking all the time. It seems like that PMDG still works on that product full steam and it isn't done yet (I remember something like "hundreds of features are added every week" (or was it every day?)) and so what we saw in the presentation is just a alpha version of this product, I would guess. Or maybe better said a WiP. And for that reason I don't even want to draw too many conclusion from what I have seen, since I know from my own experience, that things that are in development can give a completely wrong impression of a product compared with the final product. So, for that reason, I will wait until PMDG gives us a more detailed look at their product. I'm definitely interested (as I mentioned already earlier)
  2. On the first reaction after the presentation I was a little bit, how can I say, I was not really sure what to think. It was very different to what I, and probably most people, where thinking about/expecting. But aside from a few others, I wasn't immediately negative or disappointed. Now, after seeing the recording of the presentation again and thinking about it more, it actually seems like a very interesting idea and considering the quality of the planes that you (so the PMDG team) had created so far, I trust you to make a great product out of it. Whether it will be a product that I will enjoy using on all future flights (after the release of course) or maybe from time to time or maybe never, I don't know yet. While I understand the idea and concept and what all of these things are, I think I will need to see it fully in action (or eventually try it out) to see if it adds something for me or not. But the idea in of itself actually sounds very interesting so I look forward to hear about it more
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