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  1. Got it all up and running, along with new TM stick. Now, I've got to find some good, basic, easy-to-follow tutorials!
  2. Well - I tried ordering from the Microsoft Store (Honest - I really did for the past 45 minutes) AND I GIVE UP! Never have I had to jump thru so many intrusive hoops just to make an online purchase. First, after asking to establish a new MS Account password (TWICE), I finally got to the "Purchase" screen and updated my CC info. It took 2 tries to do that as well. Then when I clicked on "Install/Play", it started the entire process over again. Now, I can't even be sure whether or not MS charged me for the puchase (although I never saw any confirmation or sales tax screen)........ So, I'm pretty Steamed right now.....Maybe I should have ordered from Steam after all! (Pun intended). I hope that the sim works better than the purchasing process does! EDIT: Well MS DID charge my CC. (I got an e-mail notification with a link to my order). So, to make a long story short, I finally got the download started. (Don't ask me ho, though.) Fingers Crossed. Still one of the most unnecessarily convoluted purchase processes I've ever seen! I just hope that it's all worthwhile in the end!
  3. Last question, I promise! (I think) I now see that MSFS is also available on Steam (for which I already have an account). Is there any particular problem with using Steam's version? Thanks again!
  4. Thank you for the link TextRich! It turns out that my PC already is set up as advised in the link, so that eases my mind. (I'm kind of anal about my PC.....). So, that leaves only one more question: From where should I download FS2020? (Link, please...) I see it as a digital download at Best Buy's website, but I'm sure that there must be other sources. Thanks again to everyone. And I hope that you all had a Happy Thanksgiving today! 8-) Bert
  5. Just in case I download FS2020 and encounter this ( ie- "reset my systems boot up ID"), how exactly would I disable it? Thx!
  6. The problem is that that is not something I'm willing to accept.
  7. If that's the worst case, that's great. But what exactly do you mean by "reset my systems boot up ID"? Could you explain exactly what that involves? (My system just boots to the desktop now -- I don't see any ID.) Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the info! Regarding the MS Account - Would opening one up create any negative effects to my overall Win10 installation? I don't use a password to boot the system up and don't want to start now. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for all the great advice offered here....... But, TBH, I think that I'd prefer to just purchase/download the standard edition and go from there. But....I have a few remaining questions: 1. Will I need to set-up a Microsoft account in order to get FS2020 to work on my Windows 10 PC? (I hate signing up for accounts.) 2. I don't have a joystick yet - I'm leaning towards the TM Airbus edition, but currently can't find it anywhere. Is it available yet in the US? If so, where? And would anyone have a link? 3. And, is it possible (albeit probably awkward, of course) to control FS2020 with just a mouse and keyboard for now until I'm able to get that joystick? Remember, I'm just happy to cruise around leisurely and enjoy the scenery. Not ready for any fancy flight maneuvers yet (and probably won't ever be). Thanks again!
  10. OP Here.... Sorry if my simple inquiry resurfaced some old disagreements. This is all new to me.
  11. Yes - I'd like to try this. but I'm not familiar with Xbox Live. How does the trial subscription work for a PC and FS2020?. Could you provide a link? Thanks.
  12. I'm considering returning to Flight Simming after a long time away. My most current sim is FSX (Steam Edition). I'm interested in a simple to learn, uncomplicated flight sim with excellent graphics, because I like to just relax and cruise overhead and enjoy the scenery. So, I'm wondering which current sim you might recommend for someone like me? And while I'm at it, I'll need a decent, simple controller. A simple joystick would probably suffice. My system specs are" i7-7700 CPU 3.6 Ghz 16 Gigs Ram Geforce 1660Ti Graphics Card Windows 10 So - Any recommendations? Thanks!
  13. Back in the mid 2000s I remember being a member on this forum. However, since then life intervened and I got totally away from PC simming (both car racing and flight). Now, I want to get back into some light flight simming and I have a couple of questions (since much has changed in the intervening years): 1. My main interest in flight simming is "Virtual tourism". IOW, I like to view scenery that I'll never see in real life. So, I guess my priorities are graphic/visuals over realism. What currently available flight sim would be most appropriate for me? 2. I still have my original DVD's for FSX but, unfortunately, one is scratched quite badly and is no longer readable. So - if FSX is still a good choice for me, I see that "Steam" has a sale on it right now. Is that a good alternative and is it the same thing as the retail disk version? Can it accept patches and 3rd party scenery and planes, etc just like the retail disk version? FWIW - my PC is brand new. Specs are i5, 8 Gigs Ram, Nvidia 3Gig videocard - but it is Windows 10. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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