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  1. Thanks Dave. Much appreciated.
  2. Sorry KLAX is at the end of the Route.
  3. Thanks Dave I was using a SimBrief route. NZAA DABAS NIMOD 25S172W 20S169W 15S165W 10S161W 0500S15706W 00N153W 05N149W 10N144W 15N139W 20N134W 25N129W 30N124W ELKEY VTU I can load the plan SIDs & STAR + Arrival. When I connect to X-plane 11 the distance to TOD has a huge value in it (left aligned numbers then the rest of the field filled with zeros. And just get a spinning mouse icon whenever I validate or file.
  4. Hoping someone can help. When you cross the Map boundary, Pilot2ATC has an issue validating the plan. It puts some very high values in the distance fields and will not allow you to file. I am trying to put in the NZAA to KLAX route and have had no joy.