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  1. Powderpuff

    Super Traffic Board & Prepar3d V.5 NO com1 sound

    Dear JoeFackel YES, YES, YES!!! You are so right. Your suggestion did the trick. No more problems! Thank you so very much for you help!! If you are a woman I should kiss you ha ha With very kind regards, Powderpuff
  2. Powderpuff

    Super Traffic Board & Prepar3d V.5 NO com1 sound

    Okay, let's go for it. Thanks!
  3. Powderpuff

    Super Traffic Board & Prepar3d V.5 NO com1 sound

    When I start up Prepar3d V4.5 (professional plus edition). I start at EHAM with a small aircraft and switch off the engine. When I fly an aircraft myself then there's no problem. It's all about following AI traffic Which I use the program from Simon (Super Traffic Board). But perhaps I should start up with the engines on.(??) I am using STB and take any plane I see.(follow AI aircraft) Put on the com1 and that's that. For a while everything goes well, but suddenly the voices stop. I did a reset com1 and other things, but forget it. It will not work.
  4. Hello dear flight simmers, I have a very strange problem. I am using genuine copies of Prepar3d V.5 and STB. When I am following AI the com1 is on. I hear the control tower and the pilots. But suddenly the "voices" are gone (??). Only silence, no more com1 radio. I have tried everything. I send a verbose trace list to Simon (STB), but he couldn't find anything abnormal. The support of Prepar3d told me to update my sound driver, but the problem remains. So my last hope is you guys. Perhaps you have the same experience and fixed it. I would like to hear from you how you did that lol BTW: the Mute options in in the Sound area is not activated. So that can't be the problem. What the problem is, well let's hope for the best. I am counting on you guys lol Thanks in advance, With very kind regards, Powderpuff