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    To teach myself IFR and travel the world
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    Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia 2444
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    Was licenced on an ultralight (Drifter), then owned a microlight, then a nanolight (Dragonfly), now retired and flying FSX

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    I intend to fly a turboprop Grumman Mallard - a quick amphibian -sim around the world. Would enjoy to contact a (preferably) local sim pilot to share the experience.

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  1. I find this a great program, but, in flying a P3D v4 route, I shrink the display to maximise the MAP. Now I can't get the side panels (Flight Plan, Information, Fl Plan elevation, Search, Sim Aircraft etc) back.Appreciate any help. BigglesG
  2. I have installed ChasePlane and have set up many of its views and key controls, but now my Hotas 4 joystick hat switch control has gone. I use it for rapid panning in all directions in preference to the key pad, so can someone tell me how to restore the functions please..
  3. Thanks Henk. I downloaded v2.83 and it works fine. Ken (BigglesG)
  4. I enjoyed the Goshawk, Boeing T-45C, in FSX, the offered version of this freeware only claim to work with P3D V2 and V3. Where can I get the download for P3D V4?
  5. Port Macquarie, NSW East Coast, Australia
  6. I uninstalled the V4.3 and updated to V4.4. this returned my radios, but Orbx scenery went missing. The Orbx foldeer is still under the Prepar3d folder, but my updated version doesn't appear to be able to find it.
  7. thanks Peter and Rockliffe. I will try the LM Forum
  8. Hi Rockliffe The issue is with all aircraft,default and addon. G1000 screens are blank with no power switch or dials, Using shift + 3 gives nothing. Hitting ATC contact button does nothing. Radios have disappeared. Now I find that my whole panel is missing - just the outlines of the instruments remain.for the Mooney Bravo. My addon Mallard has instruments, but lacks radios, autopilot and buttons for ATC, and GPS. P3D appears to be crashing while I watch. Any ideas?
  9. Hi Rockliffe, I have installed FSUIPC5 now, and I seem to have the throttle working as it should, but I still don't have any radios/GPS or ATC. They aren't even present on the panel. With FSX-SE and XPlane 11- SE I can 'validate' the local files. Is it possible to do this with P3D? Would you suggest I reinstall P3D?
  10. Hi Rockliffe, Thanks for you help so far. I don't have FSUIPC5 on board , but the previous version is drifting around - tho I've never tried to use it. I noticed a different offering when I tried to calibrate so perhaps it is interfering. Should I just remove all FSUIPC and revert to default?. I don't have warthog either. P3D worked OK for ages - why is it good idea to add FSUIPC? Gunster
  11. Hi Rockliffe, i have just found your contact. Tnx. I have FSUIPC installed in FSX-Se, but not yet in P3D. documents say it works up to ver.3.2. Will it work for 4.4? I had forgotten about it. why is it necessary? I calibrated previously with p3d itself. Now I can't get the radios, PFD, GPS and even ATC to work at all. Frustrating. will pursue FSUIPC tomorrow and stey in touch f I may. Gunster
  12. After a reinstall of P3D.v4 my Hotas 4 joystick throttle slider is a) reversed, b) innactive. Any ideas?
  13. Hi Mike, I remember MSflight Sim when it was just a couple of 2D gauges and a couple of green lines on the screen. It's come a long way and we've both kept updating. Now I see the day when I will need to update from 32 bit to 64 bit and the choice is P3D or XPlane 11. I wish P3D was a fairer price because the add-ons we have for FSX-SE can mostly work with both. Perhaps Lockheed Martin is struggling to make a buck - or is it just 'gouging'? I don't want to claim the student version as that is dishonest. Shame it costs so much more to be an honest customer.
  14. Yep, I'm from Port Macquarie,NSW, Australia. That's halfway from sydney to Brisbane. I've lived here for 76 years now. Have been flying FSX since it was just a few green lines and a couple of gauges. I've licenced on ultralight, owned a microlight and a nanolight (Dragonfly) Now my horizons are narrowed by necessity, have turned back to FSX. What changes have been made! Am keen to fly with local simmers and your social version of ATWR sounds GREAT! I would welcome contact with others - especially locals. BigglesG .
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