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  1. When trying to add a flight plan into the UI it does not take and when I try to add a destination airport it gets backwards and tells me that I need to add a destination airport although it has one filed in the UI. I've made a video of what I am talking about. What happens is that I put CYVR into the UI next I put in a vor SEA which does not show up I put in a airport that show up but when I try to add a vor before it does not show up but erases that destination airport. I put the destionation airport back in and the whole flight plan show up with two destination airports. I know this a lot and maybe does not make sense what so ever. I do apologize for that and that is why I made a video. I have uninstalled and downloaded to see if that would do the trick and still getting that same thing. Thanks for any help. https://sendspark.com/share/m933mbnko0sn0ysl
  2. I am getting an error page when trying to access the webpage. I do not know if it is on my side, but could use some help as I am looking for a recent update as when I connect to MSFS 2020 it immediately CTD so I was hoping to see if an update has been given. Thanks everyone for any help For some reason it will not let me insert the url for the photo of what I see so here it is. Thank again. https://ibb.co/FwKGR8P
  3. Hello everyone, so I downloaded the beta yesterday and had the issue of getting vectored into the ground. When being vectored around I was taken way off course and also was vectored down passed minimum safe altitudes and also vectored into the mountains. While I was assigned runway 19L I was taking passed it and sent over to the other side of Vegas flying into the mountain. I am wondering is the" minimum safe altitude check box" also used for staying above a certain altitude or is it just used for flight planning purposes? Thank for the help.
  4. (Fixed) So my computer installed a program name Sonic suite and that was preventing me from using the speech recognition program. FYI if your having issues like this check to see if your computer install it on an update. I do not know why window 11 just installed it own it own but it did. It took alot of research on how to uninstall as you will not see it in your app program install on your computer. It is in your device manager under sonic suite sound device.
  5. I have tried everything to uninstalled, both Pilot 2 Atc and Speech Voice pack. I made sure at it was set to US speech and also on the 8.0 set. It just does not work at all. It worked a couple of week ago never did anything I did not change anything but no good. I tried the voice trainer and that works, but Pilot 2 Atc just is not working with speech recognition. I can do the say it button and that works with voices working, but when I speak into the mic it does not work. I am including my log file to might be able to get some help thank you. Sorry for the long file I did not know how to include it as a file. Thank you for any help. LOG FILE REMOVED AS IT IS NOT RELEVANT TO SOLUTION IN NEXT ENTRY
  6. I've looked in the forum and could not find an answer for this question so if it is a duplicate please forgive me. Both xplane-11 and msfs 2020 when having landing traffic I ger cleared for takeoff but as soon as I start to move I see an aircraft on short final. I used to get hold short for landing traffic in xplane-11 now not at all. I am using the Just Flight Traffic Global, but with that It used to work. Is there a setting that I need to set for this to happen again? Thank you anyone for the help.
  7. I have traffic global and it does not see the traffic. I have been waiting for an update. Just glad that you are working on it. Thank you in advance.
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