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  1. I did some experimenting, as you suggested. The issue didn't manifest in the stock 172, but it did independent of how I positioned the V35 at KGUC. So I played with the settings a bit, and changing the "VLOC Source" from "Automatic (NAV1)" to just "NAV1" did the trick. And on top of that, OBS mode now works too. So indeed this seems to have been an issue in the way the V35 is configured. Thanks for your help!
  2. xplane 11 / GTN 750 / Carenado-V35 / HSI Normally the GTN 750 / HSI interaction is fine (I've got an OBS issue, but that's a topic for a different thread). However, when locating the airplane at KGUC I get a nav flag on the HSI, and location on the GTN 750 map shows off airport. Once 'in the air', both HSI and GTN displays agree and HSI / nav behaves normal EXCEPT for the HSI continuing to display the NAV flag. Even tuning to a VOR and switching to VLOC doesn't change this behavior. What could be causing this?
  3. Right - I know *how* to do this. It was suggested I check with Garmin whether it's permitted by the data licensing agreement. I asked, but Garmin did not answer decisively. I'm not going to pursue that further with Garmin.
  4. Me to Garmin: "Hi, Is it legal to update my GTN trainer databases with current cycles of a OnePack subscription?" ... some back and forth to point at the right sim ... https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/95993 - PC Trainer for the GTN Series PART NUMBER: 010-00478-00 ... which I also did receive as part of my GTN installation. So I'm definitely licensed to use the PC Trainer. Garmin to me: "Dan, There is no way to update the databases on the trainer. They are there for reference, not for navigation, so no feature to update them was added, and there are no plans to do that in the future." So Garmin didn't address my question - instead they stated that updating the databases was not possible. So if it can't be done, it can't be a violation of the licensing agreement ;-) Seriously though, a conservative interpretation of this is 'not legal' ... and I'm not going to risk my data subscription for my airplane.
  5. I'm thinking about purchasing Reality XP GTN 750. I do own an aircraft installed GTN 750 and am subscribed to database updates. I do my updates via an iPad and FlightStream. Is there a way to get the real world databases into the sim version? I suppose I could download to an SD if need be. Presumably it'll also use jep charts? (or do I have to buy an 'enablement' :-)
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