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  1. I turned off dynamic lighting and that appears to have resolved the insanely low frame rate. I'm going to play with some other lighting settings. I consider the issue to be resolved. Trading a little dynamic lighting for the awesome traffic is more than fair in my book. I appreciate your help. Thanks a ton! Is there anything else to be done here? Steven
  2. I do use SSAA and will check that now. I will check to see if both the gpu and cpu are getting pegged. No light packages in use. While I have a decent machine for this sort of thing, I try to stay as light as possible when it comes to any sort of addon. Don't want to go down that rabbit hole..
  3. During the day, it's as close to perfect, as it could get. At night, one heck of an fps hit. " Normal" fps range is between 30 - 40. When I'm experiencing this issue, I get between 3 - 4 fps. It's the same issue with both a stock airport or addon airport. I'm using p3dv4.2, used the FLAI operations center to get liveries. I used the additional tools ParkPosGenerator and AILGenerator with no issues there. For weather, I use ASP3DV4. As per the faq, I generated a ContentErrors file and got 8 of these errors: [error.0] error=Found Duplicate Key Name File:C:\Users\srmj7\AppData\Roaming\FLAI\Effects\fx_aiafterburner_trdm29.fx Section:ParticleAttributes.9 Key:FPS The above error is also generated when running during the day, without issue. Any ideas? Thank you, Steven
  4. Easy enough ;-) I just installed and tested PSXseeconTraffic. Some fine tuning is required, but so far, an excellent product. The only thing that made me think twice before installing, was what seemed to be a bit salty price for the data RealTraffic provides. Having said that, I have no idea how much goes into collecting that data, so bear that in mind. Also there is a 35% discount available, so overall, I believe I'm going to be a happy camper.
  5. Yes, they did give me a runway as well, my bad for neglecting to mention that. Thanks to all who have answered, let me ask just a couple more.. At airports with intersecting runways, typically speaking, and bearing in mind I'm talking about smaller, regional airports, you wouldn't have both runways receiving at the same time, would you? Typically speaking. Would the current active runway would be the only runway with a 'traffic pattern' at that time? Are there patterns other than the standard rectangular pattern? Again, thank you!
  6. At airports with intersecting runways, I'm guessing here, but I think only one runway would be in use at a time, based on wind direction. I'm talking smaller airports, not airports the size of LAX. I was given the instruction to "enter left downwind traffic" or something to that affect. I believe that means all of my turns are to be to the left, and to enter the pattern on the downwind side of the pattern. I got hung up on the fact this airport has intersecting runways. When picturing the rectangular traffic pattern around the runway I'm to be landing on, in order to make the proper entry, I should, more or less ignore the other intersecting runway. When I say ignore, I don't mean not watch it at all, it just shouldn't be considered when figuring out the pattern. If that other runway were being used, ATC would be managing things. This is at towered airports. Am I on the right path here? Regards, Steven
  7. I really appreciate the time you guys took to help me out with this. I'm so badly hooked on the sim, that when I can't figure something out, it eats at me... something fierce. Take care, Steve
  8. Ok, a little follow up, the landing category you are in is determined by your Vref, which in turn is determined in part by the aircraft's weight. Roughly speaking, unless you are in an aircraft with some pretty wildly varying performance characteristics, you will always be in the same landing category. Am I on the right path? Thank you for your help with this.
  9. I'm about six months into my sim career, so please give this noob a little altitude... something I haven't had much luck resolving with research, is DH/MDA, and how to properly use this. My question is do you use both of these, or just one? On approach plates, you get two minimum altitudes take KMDT ILS LOC RWY 31, you have both 558/50 and 250/(300-1). Can someone give me a quick rundown on the intended usage? I'd really appreciate the help.
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