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  1. I just tried again, and it is Windows Defender that is giving me the message. Alert Level: Severe Trojan:Win32/Azden.B!cl Category: Trojan "This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker" I have no problem allowing the override, I just need to have assurance that it's ok to do so.
  2. As a customer, I'm just trying to purchase your product. So, I don't understand the condescending response. I have no idea what an "AV" product manual is, nor do I know what the 'white list' or 'exclusion' comment means. If you can respond as though I know nothing about computers, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I will move on to other products.
  3. I certainly trust your product and have used it on 2 other computer systems. I know it's just a "false positive." The problem, however, is that my new system is not allowing me to "override" the deletion and open the download anyway. Any ideas on how to proceed with the download by bypassing my security scan/deletion?
  4. I tried to purchase the GTN 750 and download into my brand new X-Plane 11 software, and brand new computer. I received a "security risk" message that read......Virus Detected, Download Deleted. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how I proceed from here? I tried purchasing the product 3 times with the same result. Thanks!
  5. I need to load the GNS430 into my new, X-Plane 11 custom data folder in order to fly my vFlyteAir Cirrus. I scanned it in Navigraph and clicked on "install into X-Plane 11". It did not work. What am I doing wrong? Scott
  6. I successfully download the Reality XP GTN 750 into my X-Plane Carenado Citation S550 and it is working properly. However, there is NO SOUND when I click on the unit buttons. What I mean is that there are no "clicking" sounds when I use the unit. All other switches in the cockpit make the sound. Any suggestions?
  7. Bert, none of that worked, so I took a new approach. I did not realize that the Reality XP GTN 750 and the F1 GTN are (2) seperate products altogether. That was part of my confusion. Thanks! Scott
  8. Ok, I opened up the Carenado Citation Folder and "panel.cfg". However, there is NOT an option to open with NOTE PAD. There is a long list of items but not the NOTE PAD option. Sorry to be a nuisance.
  9. I don't give up that easy. Plus, he won't be home for a couple of months. Ok, I understand the process (I hope) for the NOTEPAD edits you suggested. As for the other situation, HOW do I replace the F1 GTN definition with the RXP version? I would venture to say that is the problem here, although not sure how it happened. Thanks again!
  10. Ok, I will try your solutions as soon as I get home this evening. As a reminder, I am NOT computer literate and this stuff is very intimidating to me. So, I have a couple of questions. 1. I'm pretty sure I installed the Reality XP version of the GTN 750 gauge. I'm not sure what the "other version" is. I printed out the Reality XP user's guide/manual and have studied it to no avail. I know that there is a "Reality XP Folder" on my C drive. I do not recall seeing another vendor folder, but I will verify when I get home. 2. How do I replace the F1 GTN definition with the RXP version? 3. As it relates to the Addon menu in FSX, how do I open the panel.cfg file with Notepad? I have never used or opened Notepad and don't know how it works. That being said, you indicated that I should make (2) edits. In Window01 and Vcockpit05. Do I just re-type those characters you gave me to replace the characters that are already in there? Sorry to be such a NOVICE at this. But, my computer expert.....SON.......is away at college. So, I'm on my own....LOL. Thanks! Scott
  11. Thanks for the response, Bert. My responses are as follows: 1. The "trainer" only showed up once. That was after my initial download for the 1st time. I'm not sure where it went, or if it is vital to the operation. 2. After reviewing YouTube, I found a video that walked me through a process to find the Carenado Aircraft Folder (programs/flight simulator/simobjects/airplanes/carenado S550II). I saw the F1GTN750S550 icon in that folder. I "right clicked" it and "run as administrator." I agreed to the questions that popped up and hit "finish". That being said, the F1GTN750S550 icon does NOT have .exe noted at the end of it. So, I'm not sure if that makes a difference or not. 3. Not sure what you mean by the "installed F1 GTN". Is there a step or process that I didn't execute after the download installation? 4. I am using Microsoft Flight Simulator - X and not P3D. I would add that in my attempts to power up the GTN750 stack in the Citation VC, I pulled down the FSX pull down menu at top left to see if there was an "add-ons" icon. There was not. It just showed the FUSIP...or something of that nature. I can't remember because I don't have the simulator open as I am at work. 5. I have read the operation manual several times, especially the "trouble shooting" section. I am not computer literate and get frustrated easily with this process. Also, I checked the AIRCRAFT FOLDERS for all of my Carenado Add-Ons to see if the F1GTN icon was there. It was NOT. It only appears in the Citation S550II folder. Thanks again for your attention and help! Scott
  12. Looking for help. I purchased the Reality XP GTN750 and it seemed to download correctly (as well as the Garmin stand alone trainer). The GTN 750 shows up only in my Carenado Citation S550 II aircraft. It does not show up in any other aircraft. However, when I say "shows up"......it is just the device itself and is BLACK. It will NOT power up. I have Un-Installed and Re-Installed several times to no avail. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Scott
  13. What is the best package (payware) for FSX scenery add ons?
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