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  1. Thanks, yep Jim it was that for me too. The Dell performance optimizer tool cleans the registry and causes it, so have just reinstalled the PMDG aircraft and disabled the Dell auto-scanning. Hopefully that should fix it going forward. Thanks
  2. Not to my knowledge. The only way to fix this is a reinstall of the program and then to manually re-add all your liveries I take it? Thanks
  3. This is such a pain in the word not allowed, whatever causes it, as it happens every few months randomly and only affects my PMDG products
  4. The PMDG Operations Center no longer recognizes that I own the 737 or 777, or any of the liveries I already have downloaded for them. The aircraft work in the sim still but for some reason there is now a disconnect with the Ops Center and these aircraft are listed for sale and all my liveries are gone etc. Anyone know why this may suddenly happen or how to fix it without a complete reinstall? Thanks
  5. VHHX file exists in PMDG\SIDSSTARS folder and also in PMDG\NavData\wpNavAPT and latest AIRAC installed via Navigraph subscription (cycle 1809), but whenever try and enter VHHX into FMC receive error 'VHHX Not in Data Base'. Also when try to import PFPF flight plans involving VHHX receive error message 'Invalid Route Uplink'. Please advise how to resolve
  6. Rather than appearing to come out of the back of the engines, the contrails are a few feet offset from where they should be
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