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  1. When flying VFR or with a VFR flight plan, I'm having an issue where, when I notify the tower of the destination airport that I'm inbound for landing, it gives me a runway that only exists at the departing airport. This doesn't happen when I select "App-Dep" frequency (if it exists) instead of "Tower." Is this normal?
  2. Ok thanks. Yes, I tried using the +? button and looking for what to say and couldn't find anything like what you modeled above. Merely clicking the Sayit button doesn't seem to do anything unless there is something to respond to.
  3. I set up a VFR flight plan by clicking +Wpt, entering KLVM, then clicking +Wpt and entering KBIL. Then I hit Validate and get this message: "Your flight plan must have a departure airport as the first waypoint and a destination airport as the last waypoint. If departure and destination airports are the same, you must have at least 4 waypoints in the flight plan." As I've clearly set up two valid airports, this error makes no sense. Bug? I also tried another plan that included 6S0 in between to get 3 waypoints, same thing. Then I tried to add 6S3 (in order) to get 4 waypoints and the whole sequencing goes haywire. KBIL ends up not being the last waypoint even though it is the last in the list.
  4. I’m on the 10 day trial and attempting to fly VFR with no flight plan from on airport to another. Is this possible? When I approach the destination airport, I attempt to contact approach but can’t seem to get permission to land. It could totally be my syntax, I know. Tips? Also, I was directed by ground to taxi to a runway and hold short on another. Another plane took off on that runway, but ground never let me cross. Was I supposed to ask something?
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