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  1. Mark, Try now https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EJLOY81zZAK2ReNHKk6Ul7PoCKb_0NMu/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qdyupQDoIXD67_eyg96GcR4YhGJOpV6e/view?usp=sharing Thanks, David Boudreau
  2. Mark, Lets see if this works, this is my first time trying anything like this I think the second link will work. Let me know if there are any issues and I will sort it out. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qdyupQDoIXD67_eyg96GcR4YhGJOpV6e/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qdyupQDoIXD67_eyg96GcR4YhGJOpV6e/view?usp=sharing David Boudreau
  3. Mark, Hi, yes I know where the files are located but i am unable to figure out how to post them to a response. I tried to attach them to an email and 1 of them was too big. Thanks, David Boudreau
  4. Hi marcom, I have looked around and can not figure out how to send you these two files. Thanks for any help David Boudreau
  5. Thanks Crosswind, I am not getting any data on the ipad post landing, I have tried not running it until after landing and running while running the simulation. and approach. the only thing I see on my ipad is aviaworx approach report box and summary box both show No Data Available.
  6. Hi, I just got the flight monitor for P3D v5 and I have flown 2 approaches in my cessna 182 and I get the sound after I have landed but nothing shows up on my ipad I have the cdu's for the PMDG 737 and Maddog and they work fine. I can find the approach report in the aviaworx folder that happens to be in my download folder. I hope someone has an idea of what I am doing wrong. I am sure it is probably a simple thing. Thanks for any Help David Boudreau
  7. Hi Captain Nick, have you heard anything on the software, I just updated to P3D v5 and I have been unable to program my honeycomb yoke with the Yokeinput software I tried using aerosoft updater that is included but still no luck.I can only assume it is not going to the correct spot in P3D V5 and I have V4 uninstalled so I figured that I might get an error message but nothing it acts like it sends stuff to the sim. Let me know if you have found anything out. Thanks David Boudreau
  8. Thanks, I will look into that. I have only done a couple of IFR flights but so far it does better at setting up my descents than voxatc. David Boudrau
  9. I just tried to purchase PRO-ATC/x I waited several days for the email and download links, i tried a couple different times to register on their forum after failed attempts at contacting them through their emails. I finally filed a dispute with pay pal and I am now waiting to get my money back, it sounds like they may have contacted the company but the only information they gave me was that they were refunding me my money. At no time did I receive an email from the people at pro-atc. I wonder if it might be appropriate for those that moderate the AVsim forums to make a general post about this. I did research and never found anything that would indicate this has happened to others (including looking at this forum) and i think it might be worth posting an advisory for people to try and contact the company or register on the forum before attempting to buy the product. I look forward to hearing any feedback on this. David Boudreau
  10. hi, I am trying out pilot2atc during trial period and I was hoping to find a way to toggle pilot2atc window on top only when I need to check something, I prefer to keep my p3d sim in full screen and like to keep as little clutter as possible on the screen. Would love to hear from anyone who might know if this is possible. I am ok with having a small screen that would display the text of the atc comms, I have tried resizing the window so all I would see is the text but have not had any luck. Thanks in advance. David Boudreau
  11. Thanks so much for the reply, I found some things in other posts regarding descent and believe I inserted it correctly into the VASettings.xml file although I just checked it and it did not have it in there after i saved it. should I put it under settings in the top section that is for U.S. airspace or at the bottom where settings is listed with nothing under it at the moment. Thanks again. David Boudreau
  12. Hi, I would like to jump in, I have been using voxatc for a little while the issue I am having and I think vadriver might help is flight planning and descending via star which i have seen this in the voxatc manual but they don't explain how to get this to happen. One flight plan I use is KSFO to KPDX. the sid is TRUKN2 then how follow GRTFL DCT MACHU to the star TMBRS2 i will usually be cleared via the star but will not get any descent direction for a while and many times it will require me to exceed speed to increase my descent to reach proper altitude for the ILS approach any clues on how I can get the instruction to "descend via STAR" thanks to anyone who can help. David Boudreau
  13. thanks for the reply, if you scroll down to what would be page 3 using PDF reading you will see some weights RWT which I belief means ramp weight and PLD which i think is payload beside that you will see the fuel info. it is interesting to see the difference in fuel used between AAL and LIDO formats. If others out there know if I am missing something please let me know. Thanks again David
  14. I like the idea of using the airlines specific print out from sim brief but when doing it for American Airlines I can not find the ZFW to input into my FMS can anyone help do some airlines not generate a ZFW. Thanks for any help David Boudreau
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