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  1. It took a number of times of trying this before the window showed up, but eventually it did. Thanks for the tip!
  2. I'm running the latest version of Pilot2ATC ( and am unable to open the COM frequency change panel when clicking on the standby frequency. This has worked for me in previous 2.5 versions in the past. Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch Pilot2ATC 2. Select "OnTop" button" to keep it visible 3. Launch Sim fullscreen (in my case, X-Plane 11 version 11.21) 4. Startup aircraft (Cessna 172SP for example) 5. Connect Pilot2ATC to Sim with Connect button 6. Click on standby frequency - not showing the COM frequency change panel. I've attempted to locate the panel by using the Microsoft Window keyboard button, and then hovering over the Pilot2ATC icon in the task bar. When I do, I see both the main Pilot2ATC window as well as the COM frequency change window as available to view, but selecting the COM frequency change panel doesn't show me the window (and I never see it on the desktop) Don't know if it's Windows (10 pro) which is not displaying it correctly or what, but having to go back to selecting the frequencies via the knobs in the sim is a pain in the word not allowed. ScreenShots: Pilot2ATCHover Pilot2ATCHoverMain Pilot2ATCHoverComFreq