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  1. If you have a long enough runway, you can achieve a powerless acceleration to 350 knots with this method.
  2. Can anyone reproduce this issue? Look at the airspeed after touchdown. I tried the following settings: 90 degrees crosswind at 36 knots, slam the aircraft onto the runway and keep maximum forward pressure on the yoke upon touchdown.
  3. I will try a newer version of SimConnect and see if that helps. I already submitted tickets to both PMDG and HIFI. PMDG suggests FsPassengers to be the cause while HIFI says they're going to investigate.
  4. Slew mode is exactly what I thought when I first encountered this issue LOL. And yeah, all realism settings maxed out, simconnect version 10.0.62615, and I don't have a registered version of FSUIPC, I'm running it unregistered. This issue suddenly started to happen less than a month ago and I did not change anything software or hardware wise. Before that I have been running ASN and FsPassengers fine for months. The only change I recall was an update to the 747 v3. Could it be that?
  5. Guys. This time it's even more ridiculous. How is this even possible...
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. Will definitely look into FsP settings. As far as ASN settings, I sill get that issue with almost everything off...
  7. Hi. Thank you for the suggestions. I normally leave mine at 20% since I mainly fly FsPassengers.
  8. Sorry about the darkness. I am wondering if there's any way to adjust gamma in FSX. Yes I did. Also tried further reducing turbulence effect with no luck.
  9. Hello all, has anyone run into this problem? https://youtu.be/BRaqc1Bmhhw
  10. Hi. Thank you for replying. That seems intriguing. But I don't recall having tuned to the ATIS nor receiving the broadcast message so I guess it might as well be a different problem?
  11. Thank you. Will do that. The flip happened again today on final approach.
  12. Hello all. I have been flying with ASN for half a year and now I wouldn't fly without it. But recently I have been running into two significant problems that really spoil the experience. The first problem occurs mostly at runway thresholds on runways located before a cliff (LPMA, GCLA, etc.). I have been experiencing extreme downdrafts below 50ft radar alt at said runway thresholds which slams my PMDG 747 (also happens to other aircraft) onto the runway at a rate of more than -1000ft/min which results in a crash and a ruined otherwise perfect FsPassengers flight. Turning off the downdrafts does solve the problem but I really like downdrafts when they are where they are supposed to be. Second one is rarer but even more extreme. During descent on some flights, at around 15000ft the aircraft gets violently flipped over, upside down and then back (120 degrees of bank and pitch, sometimes even complete 360s), reaching stall speeds and ridiculous G load (-1 to 3G). All said behaviors happen in less than 2 seconds. I only ran into this problem when flying PMDG 747 v3, so it might not be ASN. But I haven't run into this problem flying the queen without ASN. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Minami Chan
  13. uncle_piano

    Take off problem

    Hello all. I can confirm that it happens with default airports as well (default RJAA). It also happened to me in the 777X although less frequently. Minami Chan
  14. Hello. Thank you for your reply. Strangely the problem went away today so I guess it was an Internet-related problem. Thank you anyway for your kind help. Regarding the separate purchase though, I really had a hard time purchasing from the website, probably due to again network problems. It seemed impossible to purchase all four products in one go and I tried several times with no luck so I tried purchasing them one by one. It took me two tries for the 777 though, not sure if I purchased it twice. Sorry for the inconvenience. Minami Chan
  15. Hello all, Today I purchased all three of these amazing Boeings from PMDG website. Unfortunately, the download links for the 747 QOTSII and NGX are not working. Download links for the T7 worked fine. Please help. Thanks. Minami Chan