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  1. can not speak for P3d, but in FSX it is the only possible way to geht cockpit lightning with some dimable digital lights. Others reported about Frame hit in P3d with this technic. Peter
  2. thank you also from my side for the tip. not a very comfortable solution when on approach with heavy workload. Better solutions by other developers. But okay it is how it is. Peter
  3. Real lights and Glass in FSX? thought that is a P3d only feature. Will take a look. Yes it is a good one but to be honest, I am fit with Majestic, Dash, PMDG 737,777,747,DC6, FSLab320 and all of the A2A stuff so it is possible to do it. Also flew the Maddog 2008 already. But you are right, quite a high level simulation thats true. have a good one Peter
  4. in the future for sure, but at the moment I am still happy with my Direct 10 FSX setup. And I have not OOM or perf. problems with any of my other aircraft ( dozen PMDG, A2A etc. ) and fully ORBX loaded in the US and so on. So, guess this is a maddog issue with the CTD. But you are right, in the future P3d. greetings Peter
  5. ups, okay! that can be the case for it. Did not think about that cause pax and carfo load updates the Aircraft cfg without having the sim loaded. okay I will try it again with running sim. Not today, cause I had my second ctd in the Maddog during climb out an hour ago. getting slowly a bit mad about the aircraft ( load manager, CTD, Sounds, panel lightning FSX etc.) Thank you Peter
  6. Good evening, mmh, guess I am doeing something wrong. Starting load manager as admin, select zero fuel in the tanks, save settings an exit with green dot, starting sim, loading MD and I have all tanks full! a decrease in the ground crew menue is not possible, even no + or - is possible there. If I load the required fuel prior in the load manager that setting is loaded but that is not the purpose of real time refuelling. any suggestions for me. thanks Peter
  7. with start pump on APU start on batteries was good! thanks for the advise. Peter
  8. Good evening, I had my second CTD in FSX during climb out today. Today it was Bozeman Runway 12 and the first time guess it was Gustavo in Alaska. The mad Peter
  9. Ah okay, thank your. I thought the start pump is only related for engine start! will try it later! greetings peter
  10. Good evening, just a quick question, is it possible in the MD to start the APU without additional GPU. I mean, Batterie master on, proper fuel pumps setting and APU master start. I tried it several times, APU starts, EGT and N rotation starting and than a shut down of the APU after prox 20 percent N rotation. Maybe in the real plane not possible, but specially on isolated airfields it should be working. May I do someting wrong? greetings Peter
  11. thanks for your replay, I appreciat that and I know you did as good as possible. I do not think that I have a faulty instal concurning the interior lightning, it is so in FSX. May be I am wrong! Your have dimming for ND and PFD WXR and Terrain and for the digital of the MCP, other ones only one dome and one on and off for panel lighting. Dome light is for night flights much to bright and without it specially the overhead is not readable. I notice also no logo lights and if you cut off the plane from elek diveces but with battery on youe have absolut no light! not even a dome or thunderstorm. I know this in real world from the 90 s King Air but there I can use a torch!! sorry For a proper lightning in FSX you do not have to look to PMDG or A2A, look at the TFDI 717. That is possible!
  12. Cockpit Lightning in Fax is absolut poor; First Night flight and only a much to bright Dome light and ohne Panel on oft Switch! Oh Boys Bit I know we are only Fax customers fmc also simplefied. Getting a Bit mad on Ther Product sorry Bit also in holy p3d times a Little more on Fax would be possible so far Not a Player in the Upper Region of publisher it has potention but Not as this time to Not make the devs to mad on me I Retire Now here from the forum peter
  13. Hello, may someone can help me about this. in the load manager I select my fuel load and sent it to fsx. in the plane fuel is set correct, so far so good. want to test the refuelling feature so I loaded only 1000 kg in each wing but it is not possible to adjust any further fuel in the refuelling panel and get a real time refuel. greetings Peter
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