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  1. jopoloco

    Fokker F50 starts when throttle in idle.

    Hello, In the VC the buttons Ignition are burning. So I set off. But I don't see no difference. It's still the same problem. So I'm still searching. But I have no idea where to search.I think it must be the potentiometer with a small piece (1/2 mm) damaged. So that there is no resistant and then the trust goes to maximum, Is standing about 20 seconds and it runs back to idle.. But in the meanwhile I was crashed in the terminal.It's now still the problem I don't know when. Sometime when the planes is standing on the runway for take off. Then it's no problem. With regards Joop.
  2. jopoloco

    Fokker F50 starts when throttle in idle.

    Thanks for your fast respons. I have my own switches and gauges. I don't fly with the VC. But I will see in the VC overhead what could be wrong there.(Good idea). Of course I have the parking brake on. But with 95 % torque is the plane not to stop. With the handbrakes idem. I have set the throttle now off from the FSUIPC and now configured in the Prepar controls. We'll see what's coming. Today I have made a flight perfectly from the beginning till the end. For the first time. Always there are problems in the beginning. Thereafter no more problems. Joop.
  3. Hello Forum, When busy with the preflight settings, throttle in idle, then the plane goes with full speed (Torque 95%) through the buildings or what ever. There's no way to brake. Only I can steer. This happens about 8 times of the 10. And you know, then a crash.Previous I was flying with the King350 but I never had this problem. Is there anyone who recognized this problem or have a solution? Is this related on the F50? My throttle is connected with Pokeys56 and is the only analoge input.A very new potentiometer. With every start to fly I have always problems but this is the greatest. Who helps? With regards Joop.
  4. hello andreh, It must be the GTN750. Now it's blocked after pushback with SHIFT+P. So it's not specially the GSX. So, a new question: What can be wrong with the Virtual Reality FMC now? Jopoloco.
  5. THanks for your response. And sorry that I'm on a wrong forum. But it's my Virtual Reality that;stops working. And not the GSX. So I see that there's no answer on this topic and I shall contact GSX. Greetings. Jopoloco.
  6. Hello everything, After creating my flightplan and I do the pushback from GSX,then, at the moment the pushback begins to run, the FMC is blocked and not usable. No movement with the mouse. When I do the pushback with Shift/P, then no problems. Previously, one week, there were no problems with this. I hope that anyone can tell me what's wrong with this. Greetings Jopoloco.
  7. jopoloco

    Missing buttons in GTN750

    RXP and Bills, Many, many thanks for your help. It has been solved now. Very easy when knowing how to do.. I had made a mistake to think that an edge is a corner. So I was bussy with right above in the corner. But I,m glad with using the traffic button. With kindly regards Jopoloco.
  8. jopoloco

    Missing buttons in GTN750

    Yes, I'm further now. I see PRESS AND HOLD THE SHIFT KEY THEN RIGHT CLICK ON THE TOP EDGE OF THE GTN DEVICE. What and where is the GTN device to find. I tried to do in the panel but I think this is not the device .Also I looked in the Devices and Printers. I'm 80 years old and all is new for me so it's difficult to understand what the meaning is. Sorry for this. I hope you will continue to help me.
  9. jopoloco

    Missing buttons in GTN750

    I appreciate your help but I cannot find what you told me. All the 408 pages I have searched in but I cannot find "Configuration Panel" Be so kind to give me an exactly place e.g. a pagenumber. Is it in the pilots manual or in the normal manual via internet.
  10. jopoloco

    Missing buttons in GTN750

    Hi RXP, Where can I find the GUI-settings and then TCAD. In the manual I cannot find these items. So, it's impossible to do that via the Traffic butten becouse it's not working. A grey button. Jopoloco
  11. Hello everything, I bought Garmin GTN750 to use with Carenado F50. I have downloaded and see the full screen, RealityXP, with above a white stripe. This one has all the buttons. But when I go to fly then I have the GTN RealityXP screen automatically in a fourth little monitor. No problem but I'm missing the buttons: TRAFFIC - WEATHER and SERVICES. Is that right with flying with te F50? So not, what's happen then? How to config these buttons too? Or is this impossible? Greetings Jopoloco (Netherlands)
  12. jopoloco

    Looking for Carenado F50 checklist

    Hello Henry, Yes, that was'nt difficult. Thanks for your reaction. Have a nice day. Jopoloco.
  13. Hello simmers, I'm looking for a Carenado F50 checklist. I can,t find this one everywhere. Anybody who can help me? Jopoloco.
  14. jopoloco

    CDU F50 not working correctly

    Hello everything, Is there anyone who can help me about a manual of the universal CDU in the F50. I only can use the button FLP and then type in the depart and the arrival name of the flightplan. Can push the next button. That's working but all is then mentioned. And that it is not the meaning I think. I hope for help so I have changed the CDU screen to another monitor. Now it's a dead thing. Greetings Jopoloco.
  15. By me the same problem. Only sound for 500. No further anounces. I hope for a solution. Jopoloco