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  1. Omaniac

    IAS/Mach descent with Autothrottle

    Normal. Do not confuse IAS/Mach hold in this aircraft with LVL CHG in the 737. When you press IAS Hold your autothrottle will go to CLAMP. All signals to the autothrottle are removed and you must control your throttles manually .A nice way to start a descent is to use VS and set around 2500 ft/m, let your throttles come back to idle and press IAS. Adjust throttles to make sure they are at idle. You now control your speed with the thumb wheel. Remember to set your speed window at the same speed as your throttles will come alive when you level off. This to avoid your throttles to "overreact" when you level off.
  2. Omaniac

    Insufficient Fuel message - Always?

    Not 100 % sure but I think a warning is generated every time you are set to land with less than a fixed value of 2000 kgs. The one you get. Then you have a different warning if you land with less than your diversion fuel. That is the fuel you have entered in the FMC. The fuel you enter in the FMC should be your final reserve fuel (30 mins) + fuel to alternate + any extra fuel. 1000 kgs is way too low, and you will then most likely go below 2000 kgs in your flight = fuel warning.
  3. Omaniac

    Maddog frame rate

    Nope, I base it on how smooth my head moves around the cockpit (I use TrackIr). The difference is not huge, but it is there. At 30 FPS my GPUs never get close to 100%, no matter what or where I fly. My CPU is never stressed and stays well below 100% no matter what I do.
  4. Omaniac

    Sluggish reaction to control input

    The ailerons and elevator are not powered in any way. They are aerodynamically operated via servo tabs. In the real aircraft you need pretty large control inputs to operate the ailerons, and I don’t think you will find a MD pilot who have not ran out of elevator control during landing at least once. So, yes, inngeneral you need larger inputs to the ailerons, but less so with the elevator. I use force feedback controls myself, and ailerons are a bit difficult to control with these. I have yet not tried with the FFB disconnected.
  5. Omaniac

    Maddog frame rate

    I have pretty much the oppsite experience. The sim runs better with unlimited. My GPUs run at 100% or close to it, but that is what I pay them to do. Not laze around at 60%. 😀
  6. Omaniac

    VRInsight Support?

    But the Rift is not 4K. How is the readability with the Rift in the MD cockpit? I know in the PMDG 737 it is very hard to read any numbers, the FMC or the displays without leaning very close to them.
  7. Omaniac

    Auto throttle Behavior Question

    I have done absolutely nothing to my throttle settings. I advance, engage AT and thrust is set. From there on, nothing I do with my Logitech throttles affects the sim throttles. This last until I disconnect the AT and use them manually. Isn’t there a setting for this in the Load Manager (or sim)? Allow throttle (or controls) to override sim throttles or something like that?
  8. Omaniac

    Strange Load Manager Behavior

    No difference when I load from the P3D menu. I can change all other options, weights, sounds, etc, but not TG and RL. For that I need to shut down P3D.
  9. Omaniac

    Strange Load Manager Behavior

    A question about the LM. I can't enable/disable TG and RL "on the go". I need to shut down P3D in order to do this. Is this the way it is made to work?
  10. Omaniac

    WX Radar not showing on MFD

    No, not calibration. If I am not mistaken, you can adjust the intensity of the radar picture via the outer, black rotary switch on the panel where you adjust the PFD and MAP display intensities. If that adjustment is simulated. And you do need rain intensity strong enough to give a radar return. I’m not sure how well this is modeled in AS. I have seen returns myself, but they showed up in a position where I did not expect any.
  11. Omaniac

    WX Radar not showing on MFD

    Did you turn up the intensity for the radar? I was not aware the MD came with any routes?
  12. Omaniac

    MADDOG Brake Issue 2.0

    Thanks, but this time it was the calibration of my pedals that went out of whack when I updated the MD. A P3D restart fixed the brakes issue and I had to recalibrate the pedals to avoid the aircraft from pulling to the right. First time this has happened to me, though. Sensitivity was already set to max.
  13. Omaniac

    MADDOG Brake Issue 2.0

    Hmm, I have never had any issues with the PB in MD until I installed the latest version. Just one flight, or tried to, the brakes locked up and I could not taxi out.
  14. Omaniac

    Cockpit light blinked in the night

    I don’t see any cockpit lights blinking, I see your whole screen blinking? PC issues? Driver issues?
  15. Omaniac

    Some Questions (Radio, AutoThrottle, FMC)

    No, but I have noticed that sometimes the FMC jumps to page 2 after you execute DCT INTC. It looks like you have lost everything. Just select previous page. I think this is a bug.