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  1. But all 3 times I landed at my destination and never once heard from ATC again.
  2. So I'm really stuck here. 3 times now I've been ok up until I get clearence for takeoff. I get "Cessna 1VB cleared for takeoff runway 16". My co-pilot replies, then that's the last I hear from P2A. I've tried switching frequencies and P2A tells me to go back to tower. What am I missing?
  3. Thanks. I've watched over a dozen videos and I know kind of the steps are, but I think new people to P2A's biggest problem is what do first, second, third, etc. Probably because the standard ATC products always lead you to the next step by prompting you a question to answer and therefore you don't actually pay attention or remember what steps need to be taken.
  4. Pilot2ATC is working very well however my main problem is I don't know what the process is 1) call for clearance, 2) call for taxi, 3)?????? Even though I try to use the grammar help, I just can't find what my next step is and then if I start my flight and am out of sequence, ATC won't follow me and give me directions. There's a sort of step by step on page 110 of the manual, but is there any where that may have the steps needed from start to end?
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