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  1. Alencp20

    How do I get more FPS out of FSX:SE?

    That is weird that you get OOM with fsx steam and your system, Im running a less processor speed than yours (quad 2.7 GHz overclock of curse, but not to you speed ), I do have higher memory GPU than yours , im running world of Ai and make sure I installed them manually and run my traffic at 40% and active sky 2016 and I can maintain 40 + fps in must of my add on airports imaginesim KATL (which is a frame hog) is the worst and can mantain 29 30 fps never had any OOM , I cross my fingers, I run nvidia inspector and override the anti aliasing of the game which is off and unlimited fps in the game shi ....t some time I get 140 fps while in the air and only tweak in my cfg is the one I give you above I do not own any PMDG or ORBX,(if you run ORBX that could be a different story) or any PHOTO real mesh nothing like that, just the mesh that comes with the add on airport but I have flythemaddog ,qualitywings 757, aerosoft airbus 320, 321 You have fsx steam which i have , it already came optimize with most of the tweaks including the HIGHMEMFIX are you sure you are not running extra program in you computer ? before launching fsx go task manager and check the CPU usage if it doesn't display 0 or 1 , you have stuff running in the background
  2. Alencp20

    How do I get more FPS out of FSX:SE?

    hey , you can try using [Bufferpools] Poolsize=0 just add it to the top of the fsx.cfg file ( it work for me I have a graphic card with 8g so I dont know if will work for you) GPU handle the data instead of the CPU and will not make any reserve for memory
  3. Thanks for trying to help , I least I learned how to post a picture on the forum
  4. yes that its correct , every thing is all right if I start the flight there, during arrival from another sector this occur , if I start the flight there and and fly 10 to 25 circuit the airport upon landing every thing is normal my computer is just fine I can maintain above 40 fps on any top add on airport , and I have a lot, but to be sure I install fsx in another computer and MUVR by it self to make sure and the problem still occur, I can make multiple leg flight in one single flight , I'm talking about maybe 5 to 6 airport without closing fsx and not OOM, example flytampa tampa to imaginesim Katl ( which is frame rate hog I can maintain above 40)to fsdreamteam KORD to flytampa Montreal and back , so performance wise is out of the question
  5. I can't see the paper clip to attach the file
  6. where do I post the pic at
  7. thanks jim for the response. To know for sure that this problem wasn't cause by any addon , I install fsx in another computer brand new and only MUVR and the problem still occurs , it is a taxi2gate problem I have tried contacting them but no luck on any response , they have a forum of their own I have tried posting my problem there with picture but some how my post don't get post. don't know what also to do thanks again for trying to help
  8. Strange problem Im having with Taxi2Gate MUVR for fsx , if I start the the flight there every thing is alright all the textures loads ok, but if I fly there the texture at the begining of runway 06 start bleeding with the default textures. I don't have any add on mesh, not orbx, just add-on airports, I also check for duplicate afcads could not find any I try contacting taxi2gate but those people don't respond back , they really have a bad customer service. I think is the worst of all the developers out there
  9. Alencp20

    Chaseplane question?

    Im looking through the post right now , I can believe what I'm reading, DO THIS PRODUCT NEEDS INTERNET CONNECTION IN ORDER TO WORK , tell me is not true
  10. Alencp20

    Chaseplane question?

    Hey , I have another question, in order to use chase plane do fsx have to run in window mode or that is only for the chaseplane user interface to show and then you can swicht back to full screen
  11. Alencp20

    FSX Steam Uninstall

    Hi Keven , thank for clearing stuff out, I relay like your product , but there is not manual to be found no where, no proper explanation of installation and uninstalling the product, so you saying that uninstalling the program will leave fsx as it was before, joysticks hat switch working, default view and zoom buttons working properly, Are you planning in releasing any thing with just the camera effects only?, I been looking for something like this for a long time and will pay what ever the price is, but every thing out there include the camera thing, which for some people may be not complicated but for me its , I like the default camera controls in the default fsx and add on planes and don't want to mess thing up I'm used to it, can you tell me the specific files that this program modify in fsx , maybe backing up those file, in case I give it go to you program and thing go south
  12. Alencp20

    Chaseplane question?

    ok , thanks for the replay , that was a straight forward answer
  13. Alencp20

    FSX Steam Uninstall

    "No working after"