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  1. Difference Active Sky 2016 P3D and Active Sky P3Dv4 What's the difference? Can you run them together or only seperate?
  2. I'm having a take off problem,everythings works fine untill I lift off, out of nowhere my engines are going to idle almost. When this happens I of course lose a lot of thrust and it will end up in stalling, I can re-engage my throttles again but then my 787 automatically goes back to almost idle thrust. This happens when A/T is turned off & on so that makes no difference. I'm using Flaps 15 and around 150/155kt to take off.
  3. I want to buy ASP + ASCA Which one do I buy? https://secure.simmarket.com/hifi-tech-active-sky-2016-p3d.phtml this one? Has this package has ASP + ASCA merged together? or https://secure.simmarket.com/hifi-tech-active-sky-cloud-art-fsx-p3d.phtml this one? Or do I have to buy both of them?
  4. Get the best you can get for your money and how much you willing to spend.
  5. I've bought this today and used the installer but I'm pretty sure my NGX 737 doesn't have any change in sounds? Did I do something wrong? Since you can't do much in the installer like selecting file destionation, it just installs and it's done I guess? Do I have to do a certain thing before it's working?
  6. Hi, Not getting any effects from immersion nor precipitFX. Using 'high' detail on the quality sliders, got FSUIPC installed. Somehow still not getting any effects. I read you have to use certain type of weather, this may be it but how do I enter the given METAR (Immersion manual) into my sim?
  7. I've bought these add-ons and not it seems they're not working. Both are installed and I've also downloaded latest FSUIPC version. Details in P3D are set to the highest. How come I'm not able to see the graphic improvements?
  8. Hi fellow aviation lovers! What are some must have add-ons to have? Not considering costs. Currently running a few but there should be some I don't know of! Scenery or airplanes, what ever, call it! :)
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