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  1. specisk

    Speech recognition problem

    I am having the same problem, except mine is hit or miss. Mostly miss (95% of the time speech doesn't work). Same as others, speech recognition works with Cortana and other applications. Did all of the above, and from other similar threads with this issue and nothing seems to work. Thinking maybe there's a conflict with another plug-in, so I'm going to unload all non-critical plugins and see what happens. If something good happens I'll post back here. Thanks
  2. specisk

    ATC selecting short runways

    Thanks for the tips, Dave. And glad to hear you're considering the enhancements. One of the big reasons I purchased P2A was reading forums and seeing how engaged you are by listening to your customers. You're one of the few developers I've seen that does this. Truly refreshing!
  3. Think the program has great potential, but struggling a bit with ATC picking runways not consistent with ATIS, but more importantly, selecting runways that don't "fit" the aircraft. Basically, I'm being asked to land or takeoff in an A320 on runways that are no more than 6000' long (and that's a best case scenario) while other, longer, runways are available. Any thoughts of selecting the ICAO of the aircraft to better determine takeoff / arrival runways? Thanks!