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  1. I purchased the GTN 750 last night for X-Plane 11 (I have it for FSX, and absolutely love it!) In the two aircraft I tried, the GTN fully boots up, and everything; however, the screen does not appear to register clicks (It shows it as a clickable region, but I can not select anything on the screen). I can bring up the "Direct To" page via the button, along with return to the home screen via the "Home" button. Scroll wheels work, and everything. I'm at a loss, any input would be greatly appreciated!
  2. After being a fan of the PC-12, TBM850, and King Airs 200&350, I decided to get myself the CJ2. All started off very well, I found it actually quite simple and relaxing for the first few flights. Unfortunately, about 3 days after purchasing it, it now won't even load into the game. By this, I mean that I select it from my hangar on FSX, then click "ok" to return to the menu to complete my selection of airport, weather, and time, and when I do this, the sim simply crashes (stops responding). I haven't had any luck getting the CJ to work since, and Carenado has been no help either. Since I have had this for no more than a week, I shouldn't already be having a problem like this, should I? Any help is much appreciated!
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