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  1. So you mean I should update to P3D ? Btw, when I kill the IvAp task in the task manager, chaseplane works again.
  2. Hi everyone, I did a flight yesterday and Chaseplane kept disconnecting from P3D. I recognized that it must have something to do with Ivao/IvAp client because prior to the disconnect or when it tries to connect again, it's doing anything with the IvAp folder where all the MTLs are stored. When i hovered my mouse over the Upper right corner I was able to see that. I already tried to generate a report file and Chaseplane says that it was generated and stored on my desktop, but i cant find anything, no matter how often I generate it.
  3. flyguy5

    Should I switch to v4?

    Hello everyone, Im recently having a lot of problems with P3D v3 and i'm more and more being told that v4 is better and more stable than v3. But before I really switch, I'd like to make sure that its suitable for my pc specs. First of all im wondering whether v4 is more demanding on GPU than v3, because thats what ive read very often in all the forums. if thats really the case, would that have a big impact on FPS? Im using a GTX940MX and while playing v3, its load is at 100%. My CPU is an i7 7500U and while playing its load is usually at ~75% depending on other programs that are running simultaneously. All in all, i get about 20 FPS in average, sometimes more, sometimes less. I use the PMDG 737NGX, quite a few scenery addons such as ORBX, aerosoft, T2G and also a weather engine. Would I be able to play on v4 with ~20 FPS too while using all these addons? Also, are there many addons that are compatible with v4 yet?
  4. Hello everyone, my ftx central v3 is always messing up the order of my scenery entries in the scenery.cfg file. now i'd like to know in which order the orbx/ftx products need to placed in order for them to work properly. My order that i have is: FTXAA_ORBXLIBS FTX_AA_GLOBAL_AIRPORTS FTX_AA_LSGK ORBX!OPENLC_SAMERICA1 ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPE1 ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 ... ... ORBX!VECTOR_OBJ ORBX!VECTOR_APT ORBX!VECTOR_CVX ORBX!VECTOR_EXX (1107 Base) ... (0000 Base) ORBX!VECTOR_AEC Default Scenery im actually quite sure that this order isnt correct because if i disbale for example ORBX!OPENLC_SAMERICA1 in my scener editor in p3d i don't see any changes in the scenery or texture or mesh or whatever in south america. thanks for any help
  5. flyguy5

    pmdg 777 crash on longhaul

    i have completed a longhaul flight from madeira to st maarten now, flew 6h55m, but I used the pmdg 737 because I knew I have better chances to be successful with it. So far, everything worked fine and next longhaul will be with the 777, lets see if it works.
  6. flyguy5

    pmdg 777 crash on longhaul

    alright, i excluded the Lockheed Maarten folder from any scans and will try to complete a longhaul flight to see if it works
  7. flyguy5

    pmdg 777 crash on longhaul

    I have 8 GB of RAM and my graphic card has 2048 MB. I use Norton
  8. flyguy5

    pmdg 777 crash on longhaul

    i checked it and apparently there's no possibility to use any autosave function of the unregistered FSUIPC
  9. flyguy5

    pmdg 777 crash on longhaul

    yes i do use fsuipc (unregistered version)
  10. flyguy5

    opusfsi problem [SOLVED]

    yes, thank you again for helping!
  11. flyguy5

    pmdg 777 crash on longhaul

    hello all, during all my longhaul flights that ive done so far, my P3D started to lag after flying for about 5 or 6hrs. It doesnt crash (at least not immediately), but it starts to load for about 10 to 15 seconds (during this time the flight is stopped or paused), then it works again for maybe 5 seconds. Then it loads again for 15 seconds and stops, then works again and so on and so on. it certainly is not possible to continiue a flight when having such sort of lags or stutters. I have checked my event manager after experiencing this problem but I didnt found anything there. I have also done quite long flights with the pmdg 737 (with turnarounds) and have never experienced such a problem. I would be very glad if someone could help me because i really like the pmdg 777 and would love to succesfully complete one long haul flight with it. bye
  12. hello guys, i have recently started using opusfsi as a weather engine and im actually quite satisfied with it. BUT i keep having a problem that really bothers me... always after takeoff, the weather suddenly disappears. the clouds dissapear, the temperature changes heavily and the wind also changes its direction and speed. the weather engine disconnect so to say. what i always gotta do is to update the weather manually and wait a few seconds after the weather comes back again. THis happens to me throughout the flight several times and i cannot figure out why. I have my weather update rate set to 5 minutes or 100 km and i am using p3d v 3.3.5. I'd really like to stay with opus fsi, but if i cant solve that problem i will change to FSXWX which has no such problem. I hope someone can help me to solve that problem, i would be very thankful for that!